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Kulula Cape Town to Johannesburg flight review

31 May 2008. The Kulula flight started off with with a bit of humour - one of the cabin crew is ex Nationwide Airlines, and "he's quite emotional " so passengers must please be sensitive about this. We were also informed that another of the cabin crew is pregnant with twins - to which the entire plane cheered. Kulula has done away with a lot of the humour in its safety announcements, as they "take air safety seriously".

(Subsequent to this review being written, we have set up a dedicated page for Kulula flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg - navigate to it to see all details of flights on the route)

Here's a photo of the Kulula plane we flew on, showcasing of the causes Kulula supports - "We are mooving money for CHOC":

Kulula choc plane at Cape Town International Airport

Checking in

The Kulula check-in queue is adjacent to the old Nationwide check-in queue, which still had the Nationwide signs up...but only ghosts in its queues.

Kulula check-in queue at Cape Town International Airport

On the other side of the check-in queue is its sister company's check-in queue (British Airways, both are run in South Africa by Comair). In fact, we were ushered to a British Airways check-in counter to check-in for our Kulula flight.

British Airways check-in queue at Cape Town International Airport

Baby on board

We had our little one on board with us, and the gentleman next to the aisle seat was kind enough to move to another row, to give us all 3 seats - good to see that Kulula are transporting some high quality individuals.

On-board advertising

There was quite a bit of time spent announcing the various Kulula spinoffs like a partnership with Imperial Car Rental and Europcar South Africa and the Kulula credit card (which was advertised on every single overhead locker).

Kululal credit card advert on the overhead lockers

Capetonians in Gauteng

On disembarking in Johannesburg, a special announcement was made to Capetonians on the plane: "In Gauteng there is a fast lane on the roads. The fast lane is on the right hand side. All Capetonians should please stick to the left side of the road!"

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Category : Kulula Airlines ; Author : Rob Baker

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