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Kulula flight review : Cape Town to Johannesburg

24 Dec 2008. This was an unanounced and unpaid for review of a Kulula flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and we were mightily impressed with the level of service we enjoyed.

Why did we choose to fly Kulula?

We chose Kulula as they offered us the cheapest flight (taking into account the fact that we could use R520 of Kulula moolah to offset the cost of the ticket - life as a Jetsetter is good!).

Check-in at Cape Town Airport

Cape Town International Airport is still a building zone, and it's domestic departure lounge was relatively quiet (but I bet the arrivals lounge was a lot busier - this is Cape town in December, who wants to leave). One Time Airline have moved their check-in - they've taken over the spot Nationwide used to be at (before they went into liquidation) - and I felt for the lady processing 1time check-ins, as she had a very long queue to deal with. In contrast, the Kulula queue was short and moved fast - their secret is that they allow Kulula passengers to check-in at the British Airways check-in counters (both brands are operated by Comair). The cherry on top - one of the British Airways staff saw the camera on my shoulders and offered to take a family photograph at the check-in counter.

Nose of a Kulula plane

Kulula Thoughtfulness

Not only did Kulula charm us in the check-in queue, but they won us over with their kindness on the plane as well. Very well done to Kulula on being thoughtful for those with babies. Before takeoff an air hostess moved passengers around, so as to free up a bit of space for those with babies.

Flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg

The Kulula flight left on time. One peculiarity was that when the airport bus arrived at the Kulula plane they weren't ready for us. We had to wait in the bus for about a minute whilst the cleaners finished cleaning the plane. Once the cleaners were done, we marched into the plane (boarding from front and back).

Kulula plane at Cape Town Airport with Comair groundstaff

Kulula humour

As usual we experienced the trademark Kulula jokes:

  • "Please pay attention to the safety announcement, because you will be writing a test shortly".

  • "You could be fined up to R7999 for smoking on the plane, and for these prices you could be flying SAA"

Our travel itinerary

  time date airport flight airline seat status


Wed, 24 Dec 2008

Cape Town


Kulula Airline logo




Jo'burg (O.R. Tambo)

  name(s) age group email phone

Adult 1




Adult 2





We paid R464 per ticket

We booked the tickets on the 25th July 2008, and the gross cost was R729 per adult. This compares to a price of R829 for the price of tickets on the same flight but bought on the 22nd Dec 2008 (which shows that ticket prices haven't been decreasing everywhere). I also used R520 of Kulula moolah to decreae the flight price (net of this the ticket price was R464 each).

As a member of Kulula's jetsetter club, I earned R20 Kulula Moolah for carrying out this transaction. For using my Kulula credit card, I earned a further R28 Kulula Moolah (3% of R938).


payment type



Fri, 25 Jul 2008

CreditCard  payment received



Fri, 25 Jul 2008

Jetsetters  payment received

kulula moolah


grand total paid


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Rebranded as Kulula Air

Kulula have completely rebranded themselves as "Kulula Air". This is clearly seen at the check-in at Cape Town International Airport (Ed: they would like go back to firmly rebranding themselves as

Kulula check-in at Cape Town International Airport

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