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Kulula flight returns on one engine

SAA handbrake turnIn 2007 there were a run of incidents in the South Africa aviation industry

  1. an SAA pilot overran the runway at Cape Town International Airport airport,

  2. (2) a Nationwide flight lost an engine whilst taking off from Cape Town International Airport on its way to Johannesburg, dumped fuel and returned to land at Cape Town Airport

  3. And then on, 12 Nov 2007, a Kulula flight MN103 shut down one of its engines and returned to Johannesburg Airport. The flight was in an MD82 plane, a make of plane which Kulula subsequently stopped using (not as a result of this incident).

Oil pressure causes Kulula flight to return

The Kulula airline MD82 flight was on its way from Johannesburg to Cape Town, when it experienced low oil pressure on one of its two engines - leading the Captain to shut down the engine as a precautionary measure.

MD82's being replaced

At the time, Kulula airline was already in the process of replacing its fleet of MD82s with Boeing 737-400s. South African Airways Technical was maintaining the MD82s for the airline. Subsequently Kulula replaced even the B737-400s with Boeing 737-800s.

People praying

Rassie Erasmus, a passenger on the flight, was quoted in Beeld as saying "I looked around and saw people praying. The whole time I thought the plane was going to fall."

SAA Technical under the spotlight

SAA Technical, a service and maintenance contractor for all three airlines involved in the incidents over the last week (SAA, Nationwide and Kulula) was investigated by the Democratic Alliance, to see whether they were doing their job properly (it's not clear what the result was). South African Airways does service and maintenance work for Air Mauritius, Air Seychelles, BA/Comair, British Airways, Egypt Air, Emirates, Etihad,, Lufthansa, Malaysia, Qantas, TAP Portugal, Mango Olympic, Qatar, SAA, TAAG Angola and Thai Airways.

Kulula Airlines MD82

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