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Joon operates flights from Cape Town to Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport and beyond to Europe and beyond.

Joon Aircraft

Air France Phone number : 0861 340 340

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Joon Cape Town Flights

Paris is always a good idea! Joon (JN) is a French airlinethat used to operate direct flights from Cape Town to Paris and onwards. Joon was a subsidiary of Air France and the plan was for them to take over several of the airline's long-haul routes.

Joon's first flight only took off in December 2017. Although the airline was a full service carrier, they did operate selected routes (mostly European) on a low-cost model.

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Air France Discontinues JOON

Air France announced last week, on the 10th of January 2019, that they will discontinue the JOON brand and integrate the airline's staff and aircraft into the Air France brand. This follows an analysis into the JOON brand which proved that it diluted the Air France brand. Going forward they will focus on building a premium airline under the Air France name and focus on addressing issues like flat beds in business class. There is no word yet on when JOON flights will be taken over by Air France, but we don't expect any disuption to passengers booked on a JOON flight between France and Cape Town.

Baggage Changes

Passengers travelling in economy class on Joon to or from South Africa will soon only be allowed one piece of checked baggage at 23kg. This change will only affect passengers travelling on ticketes issued after the 30th of October 2018. Please note that not all Joon flights includes checked luggage. Please consult your ticket to confirm your baggage allowance.

JOON Introduces Cape Town Flights

23 March 2018: From the 1st of April 2018 Air France's subsidiary will take over their flights between Cape Town to Paris Charles de Gaulle. Joon will operate three flights per week. Although they usually don't include free meals and checked baggage on their short-haul flights, it seems they do include baggage and meals in their Cape Town flights. Joon flights will depart on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

In-flight Food

Joon Airlines healthy snack in-flight.

Intercontinental flights

They provide two free meals and beverages on flights between Cape Town and Paris in Economy, Premium Economy and Business class.

Economy Class flights includes free tradtional French meals and a range of drinks and wines.

Premium Economy Class passengers will also be welcomed with a glass of champagne or fresh fruit juice in addition to the above. You'll also get to experience Business class apetizers and dessert.

On flights from Paris Charless de Gaulle you can also treat yourself to the wide range of on-board snacks including tapas, cheeseburgers, veggie sandwiches, Häagen-Dazs ice cream and many more.

Business Class passengers can enjoy exceptional meals prepared by Michelin-star chefs. The offering includes exclusive cocktails, a choice between four mealss, digestive liquers and so much more. Guests can even log in to their website and order one of six A la Carte meals up to 24 hours before departure.

Flights within Europe

These flights do not include free meals and beverages for everyone.

Economy class passengers can enjoy a free coffee, tea, juice or water. If you are feeling flush you can indulge in a lemonde, cappuccino or craft beer. Guests can also purchase themselves an in-flight snack.

Bussines class passengers can enjoy a full meal for lunch or dinner for free.


This policy applies for flights from Cape Town to Paris.


Premium Economy


1 Bag & 1 Accessory Handbaggage
(max 12 kg)

2 Bag & 1 Accessory Handbaggage
(max 18 kg)

1 Bag & 1 Accessory Handbaggage
(max 18 kg)

1 Checked Bag x 23 kg

2 Checked Bags x 23 kg each

2 Checked Bags x 32 kg each

Please do note that not all their flight routes include checked baggage, so check with your travel agent or on your airline ticket whether checked baggage is included. Checked bags start from 40 Euros (approx. R604). Additional checked baggage is more expensive.

Hand luggage stored in the overhead compartment on Joon Airlines.


Air France fulfills most of the check-in duties for Joon, so be sure to look out for an Air France check-in desk even if you're travelling on Joon. Air France also assists with boarding.

The Air France app also gives you access to Joon boarding passes.

FlyingBlue Rewards

Passengers can still earn and redeem FlyingBlue points on Joon flights. Just remember to quote your membership number at the time of booking!

What Sets Joon Apart

Geared towards the youth, Joon airlines have combined a few unique features that they believe will make them the preferred airline for milennials. Don't worry if avo toast doesn't appeal to you, we're sure that passengers of all ages will enjoy these features. Read more below:

  • Healthy snacks on offer in-flight, like fresh smoothies.
  • USB ports at each seat allows you charge all devices.
  • Download the Joon app, YouJoon, and enjoy their in-flight. entertainment on your own device via the in-flight WiFi.
  • On intercontinental flights they offer 3D glasses and noise reduction headphones at an additional charge of 15 euros.
  • The dress code for their airhostesses are more casual, with simple branded dresses and trainers as a uniform for female staff and the men sport polo shirts.

Joon cabin crew in blue uniforms.

Flight Routes

Flights in Europe

Intercontinental Flights

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Bombay, India
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Mahe, Seychelles
  • Naples, Italy
  • Tehran, Iran
  • Porto, Portugal
  • Rome, Italy

Flight schedules

Cape Town to Paris

Joon has three scheduled flights per week between Cape Town and Paris on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Flight number


















Cape Town International (CPT)


Light, Standard and Premium Economy

Airbus A340-300


Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)

Paris to Cape Town

Joon has three scheduled flights per week between Paris and Cape Town on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Flight number


















Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)


Light, Standard and Premium Economy

Airbus A340-300


Cape Town International (CPT)


They offer three classes on transatlantic flights. This is available on flights between Cape Town and Paris.

Business Class

Business class benefits on Joon Airlines.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy class benefits on Joon Airlines.

Economy Class

Economy class benefits on Joon Airlines.


The overall rating for Air France flights from SA is 4/5 - based on 1 review

European Flight

2018-04-16 : "Our Euro trip included a connecting flight from Porto to Paris on Joon airlines. It was only a short three hour flight, but it was fairly pleasant. Our checked baggage was included as we purchased it in conjunction with Air France flights.. They do however operate on a low-cost basis, with no checked baggage or meals included on the lowest class. We didn't purchase anything to eat or drink, but it all looked fairly pleasant. Our flight was on-time, the aircraft was fairly clean and the staff friendly (or as friendly as the French can be!) We couldn't ask for much more with such amazing airfares."

Rating = 4/ 5


Joon currently operates several of Air France's old Airbus aircraft.

Joon Airbus A340 aircraft from side.


In Service

Airbus A320-200


Airbus A321-200


Airbus A340-300 (Air France is in the process of transferring these)


Reservations for Joon in South Africa

Joon makes use of Air France's call centre.

Online reservations

Telephonic bookings

Air France South Africa

+27 861 340 340 (countrywide)
+27 11 523 8001 (Johannesburg)

Contact details

Air France Johannesburg

Flying Blue

Phone & fax

OR Tambo International Airport
P.O. BOX 5591
Kempton Park
South Africa
+27 11 523 8001 (phone)
+27 11 961 68 02 (fax)

+27 11 881 9606 (phone)
+27 11 523 8091 (fax)

+27 11 390 2064 (Lost & found, Joburg)
+27 11 961 6840 (Baggage, Joburg)

JNB Ticket Office - OR Tambo International 
International Departure Level OR Tambo International Airport
Fax: +27 11 961 6802 
Open daily: 09h00-23h00 

Baggage Services - Handled by BidAir
Office located on ground floor next to SAPS and Swissport
Tel: +27 11 921 6074/73 or             +27 11 921 6465       or             +27 11 390 3877      
Open Daily: 06h00-22h00

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