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Jet Airways is an Indian-based airline which operated flights from Johannesburg to Mumbai (India) until the 12th June 2012, but still offers codeshare flights to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban through its partnership with SAA. To book a cheap flight with Jet Airways use the airfare comparison tool on the left; and then use SouthAfrica.TO discount flight vouchers to reduce the cost of your airfare further (if you have none then start accummulating them by emailing us a writeup of your Jet Airways flight, and we'll send you a discount flight voucher - our readers are our writers!).


  • 21 Aug 2015. Jet Airways have entered a codesharing agreement with SAA. SAA passengers will be able to connect from Abu Dhabi to 5 Indian destinations and Jet Airways passengers can in turn connect from Johannesburg to Cape Town or Durban.

  • SAA has entered a codeshare agreement with Jet Airways which will connect SAA's Johannesburg-Abu Dhabi flights from Abu Dhabi to five destinations in India. This will connect SAA passengers to Mumbai (BOM), Delhi (DEL), Bengaluru (BLR), Hyderabad (HYD) and Chennai (MAA). In return Jet Airways passengers travelling to Johannesburg will connect through SAA to Durban and Cape Town.

  • 26 Jun 2013. Jet Airways starts codesharing, or selling on its systems, South African Airways flights from DUR to JNB (SA538/9W6307), JNB to DUR (SA547 & SA359/9W6308), CPT to JNB (SA304/9W6312), JNB to CPT (SAA323/9W6310 & SA327/9W6311).

  • 5 April 2013. 24% of Jet Airways is purchased by Etihad for $379m.


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