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Becoming an Emirates fan

9 Jan 2013

My first trip to the UK started off by being just somewhat exhausting, as I had to fly from Cape Town to Johannesburg, after a very busy day getting all my business arrangements sorted out, before I left for London for 4 weeks.

Arriving at Johannesburg airport, which had changed completely after my last trip there many years ago, I had no clue as to where I had to book in for my Emirates flight to London. After running up and down the airport, with a much too heavy backpack slung over my shoulder, while dragging my massive suitcase after me, I was on the point of a complete breakdown when, after seeing an Emirates booking in sign, the attendant told me that it was only for First class passengers.

flight path from Cape Town to Dubai

The person at the booking counter must have seen it in my face, that I was about to break out in a pitiful sobbing, which would have embarrassed him as much as myself, that he quickly called me over to the desk, and very kindly offered to check me in. I felt like jumping over the counter and planting a kiss on his cheek, but managed to contain myself in time! I only thanked him profusely, and gratefully set off to find a place where I could sit down and have some coffee to revive myself. I had to wait another three hours before boarding the plane, by which time I felt ready to pass out. Finally the boarding gates opened, and I remembered thinking to myself, as we lined up, looking with envy at the people in the much shorter queue at the First and Business class gate, that it would have been very nice to stand in that queue! When I finally gave my boarding pass to the lady at the gate, she looked at her computer, and told me that I have been upgraded for a Business Class seat! I could not believe my ears, looking at her if she spoke Russian. She again repeated that I must check in at the other gate, and I quickly jumped to it, before they changed their minds.

The utter luxury of lying back in that enormous seat, with nobody hanging over your side of the armrest, or clambering over your legs trying to escape the tight confines of a normal airline seat, was pure bliss. I still could not believe my luck, while sending up a prayer in thanks.

Maybe that is the reason why I am still an ardent Emirates Airlines supporter, as I never even consider flying with any other airline when booking my overseas flights. Not only because of that stroke of luck I had though, as I think that their service is wonderful, and the air hostesses and hosts are always very helpful and friendly, and the food is always great, considering it is mass produced. The other great thing about flying with them is that as a Skyward member, you get rewards every time you fly, that can be exchanged for lovely gifts on the Emirates High Street online shop, or it
can be used as discount on future flights.

They also have regular specials and deals that you can make use off during your travels. The other bonus is that you get to stop over before your flight from Dubai, where you can shop in the amazing duty free shops on the airport, or make a stop over in the city if you like.

I am and will always remain an Emirates fan, and don't believe that any other airline will impress me more.

By MarietteĀ 

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