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How far would you go for a Cheap Flight?

In out experience people are willing to almost crawl over broken glass to book cheap flights. So, we decided to carry out a thorough analysis to check exactly how far South Africans would go to get a cheap flight.

hanging on wheel for a cheap flight

Prefer Lower Airport Taxes

A majority of South Africans would prefer to have a more basic airport and lower airfares.

Most South Africans would prefer a more basic airport in exchange for lower airfares

One night with a pilot for a free flight

free flights from pilots

Time spent on getting cheap flights

43% of people aren't willing to spend more than an hour of their time on finding a cheap flight, but 24% of people were willing to shop around for over 5 hours in finding a cheap flight.

time people are prepared to spend shopping around for a cheap flight

Will wear Orange Mango Undies

"I am a frequent flyer with my girlfriend living in Cape Town, and myself in Joburg. I'm a student and we all know students are simply the brokest people alive. I'm sure there are a few students who would relate to times they have gone out and done well a few stupid things to make money, "dress up in funny outfits and hand out flyers, embarrassing promo's etc" so I would think to get cheap flights for me to see my girlfriend I'm definitely willing to take it to the ultimate extreme, how about a massive orange mango saying I'm doing this to get cheap flights to visit my girlfriend on the corner of a very busy road possibly William Nicol and Bryanston Drive handing out flyers for mango." I'm even willing to bring my sleeping bag and pillow camp in the terminal building waiting for the flights to come in and any of the empty ones just before its due to leave run on up to the counter offer them R500 to jump on that flight instead of paying a full price flight. There are many extreme's I think I would go to just to ensures I get to see my girlfriend. Give me a pair of orange undies say "fly on the front and Mango on the back and ill run down the road promoting mango no problem". Thanks for a fun entertaining survey for people to possibly win and thanks for the emails I have been lucky enough to get a few good deals, including the R300 flight to Cape Town on Mango and was grateful for that. I give mango a rating of 4 out of 5 for running more specials and helping out their customers a large amount, I will always give them business provided they keep their high customer satisfaction, I am currently a Bcom Marketing student and to see their Marketing skills is truly amazing and insightful to me in aspiring to compete in their league. This one was for all those students out there who would go to many extremes to get not just a flight but anything cheap." Tyrone

Will go all the way

  • "I will hire my fiance out to the highest bidder." Hilary

  • (I would do) "Anything - even date the pilot for the duration of the flight" Kiran

  • "I'd do anything for an upgrade. If no upgraded seat then at least upgraded meal." Mel

  • "I would go to any extent to get a cheaper flight except compromise my life." Jean

  • "No extent too large or too small for cheaper flights" Nash

  • "I would give anything and go the extra mile to check all avenues to get the best possible prices for travelling seeing the hard economic situation we are experiencing hard times there is no extra money to travel" Mel

Midnight Flights

  • "I am willing to leave at 2 or 3 or 4am to get a cheaper local flight or overseas flight.  I am willing to fly via Bloemfontein, Durban & any other stops from OR Tambo to Cape Town". Bridget

  • "I would be prepared to take flights that are in the middle of the night if it meant that I could get them for cheaper.  That would also mean that I would be able to afford more air travel.  In fact, I would be prepared to do whatever it took to get cheaper flights." Esther

  • "I will use midnight flights because all the people using flights are flying during daytime when it is expensive! My income is not that much that i can use day time flights! My kid that's 17years old hasn't yet had a flying experiance and wants to become an aviation electrical engineer. I would like to take him on a flight to PE where his family stays!" Ronel

OK with minimal seating

  • "I would go as far as sitting on the floor, help out with cleaning on the plane or standing up for 2 hours from Cape Town to Lanseria - any day!" Michele

  • "I have traveled near and far, I have waited for delayed flights and I have been on flights that have gone via some country where you  can't pronounce it's name. However, a bargain is a bargain and if you get a cheap flight you already feel as though you got your monies worth. I will give up seating space, entertainment and even food (my boyfriend would like to see me try that one). It is all good and well giving up the "luxuries" of flying for cheaper prices, but nothing can put a price on ones safety. So although I would curl up into a "ball" in a small space, go hungry and sleep out of boredom due to the lack of entertainment, I would like to do so knowing that I am in safe hands and that I will be arriving at my destination in one piece." Lauren

Would Entertain

  • "I would dance on an aeroplane wing, in a yellow polka dot bikini, in the Antarctic to get flights cheaper. If this could get me to explore and travel more, and be able to do and see places I always wanted to, I will kiss an ice bear. I would polish the cabin crew’s shoes, and sit in the luggage department of the plane." Carla

  • "I would be sure to entertain all crew and passengers from start to finish with comedy, jokes, songs, dance from take off to landing.  Or accept a dare within reason!" Sam

Sharing a seat

"My wife and I wouldn't mind sharing a seat...her on my lap." Victor

Skydive out of Plane

"I would skydive out of the plane to save fuel costs and landing fees"

Would date a Pilot

  • "I fly at least every 3 months. I dont think I could manage dating a flight attendant or a pilot for sooo long!" Madge

  • "I am willing to sleep with a female pilot. Space/ leg room can be compromised, not really an issue only if we on local flights. Limited baggage is acceptable. Detours/ stops will be tolerated." Jordy

Will Advertise Airline

"I will be prepared to stand on top of table mountain with a placard advertising, whom ever sponsored cheap flights." Narie

Remove In-flight Entertainment & Save

"I haven't yet been overseas. I've been to Vic Falls and a bit of Botswana on  honeymoon last December thanks to my hubby :-)  I would be willing to have multiple stopovers if it allows me to leave the airport so I can sightsee. I know the Dubai airport is very nice so I wouldn't mind exploring it enroute to India on Emirates. I don't mind not having in-flight entertainment because I love to read and would be too busy looking out the window to see the sights from above. 
Safety and comfort are important to me but I would also like to get a best airline rate possible. I'd rather plan in advance and buy the ticket while it's cheap than leaving it to the last minute. I'm also on Vitality so there's always discounts on BA flights." Ash

Would be a Trolley Dolley

  • "I would even push the food/drinks trolley and serve the customers if it meant a cheaper flight" Samantha

  • "Hhhmmm... I'd sell the snacks and refreshments with the cabin crew and collect the garbage with them!" Fortune

Will Clean!

"I am willing to clean the entire plane to get a cheap flight - tyres included!" Zay

"I LOVE flying to a destination, however, it is always really part of the big budget and the big planning, as flying is just a bit out of daily spending for me. However, if I am offered the opportunity to haul luggage around the airport or clean carpets or such for a free flight somewhere- boy I'll jump at the opportunity! I am always looking at cheap flights, but with all the added taxes etc. it still falls outside my budget. Flying is not just a means of transport or for some people such a boring means of commuting. To me it is still part of the whole TRAVEL fantasy! I still see it as a special treat and a special experience." Sylvia

Would write travel reviews

"I am absolutely crazy about traveling and everything that goes with it. From planning the trip and surfing the web for the best possible deals to building an exciting itinerary for maximum exploring and sightseeing satisfaction. I’d be willing to spend hours on the web searching for the best possible airfares. Sacrificing luxuries on board the flight is no problem. Having less crew could also be accommodated. Throw in one or two stopovers and I’d be happy if it means a smaller dent in my budget. Last but not least I would love to write travelling reviews and if this reduces my airfare, it’s a win win situation!" Tessa

Would not compromise my moral values

"As a South African citizen in a profession and with well balanced morals, the only thing I will sacrifice to get a cheaper flight is time. I will spend time shopping online and comparing prices or make phone calls to different airlines, but anything illegal and immoral will never even be considered." Denise

"I am a "travelaholic" and so are my kids and husband. I spend hours scouring the internet looking for good deals. I have flown with SAA, BA, Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia, Greek airlines, Turkish Airline, Ethiad, Qatar, Emirates, Air Mauritius, Malawian Airlines.... My family has travelled with me to South America, all over Europe (including Scandanavian countries but not much Eastern Europe) and Mauritius and a bit in Africa (only Zimbabwe and Malawi). We have also travelled extensively locally and done 2 Mediterranean cruises. Every free moment we have is spent travelling or planning a trip....I would never compromise on safety though and would only fly with a reputable airline with a good safety record. I would also not compromise my moral values to get a cheap deal. Other than that I would be prepared to do anything it takes to get a good deal....researching on internet, long stopovers, cramped seats, bad food, no inflight entertainment or service...." Tammy

Vending machines instead of air hostesses

"I'd sacrifice the air hostesses for vending machines & a self-service bar. I'd sit cramped up in a row of seats that don't have trays or space for computers and read books instead of watching a movie... I might even opt for a different destination if the flight is cheaper! Life's an adventure... " Kelly

Depends whether it's a long or short flight

"When looking for a cheaper flight  I  will  fly any airline as long as they have  well maintained planes with  well trained pilots. I do not mind which airport is the departure point. Having free meals on board  and  many  staff is an aspect which can be reduced  if it makes the flight cheaper. On very long flights, for example to Seattle,  I am prepared to make  many  stops to get a cheaper flight  [such as the round the world airfare], but on shorter routes only two stops." Charlotte 

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