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Free flight for a 1-night stand with the pilot?

  • Study by SouthAfrica.TO reveals attitude of South Africans towards having a 1-night stand with a pilot in exchange for a free flight.

  • According to the survey 40% of men under the age of 31 are willing to spend an evening with a pilot in exchange for a free flight (compared to only 7% of ladies under 31).

30 July 2013, Cape Town -- Men's interest in trading one night stands with pilots for free flights declines dramatically with age - men under the age of 31 are the most interested demographic (40% of them are keen), compared to only 21% of men aged 31 to 60, and only 9% of men over the age of 60. This contrasts with only only 6% of females being willing to trade an evening with a pilot for a free flight, and the percentage being fairly constant for females across age groups (7% of females younger than 31, 5% of females aged from 31 to 60, and 7% of females older than 60).

Arts and Culture Minister Paul Mashatile said "We must use Moral Regeneration Month and beyond as a time of national reflection". SouthAfrica.TO's contribution is publishing this survey of 1603 South Africans' opinions on a question of morality, asking participants whether they'd be willing to have a one-night stand with a pilot in exchange for a free flight. This survey can be redone annually to assess how the country's opinion on the issue has changed.

Ninety percent of South Africans are against this, and many are repulsed by the thought of it, citing the fact that they're married, their fear of God, their Christian beliefs and their fear of disease such as HIV. "I'm a Christian and Married! Otherwise I would have", said a respondent.

Many respondents qualified their answer saying that given the right circumstances they would go for it, the most common requirements being that the pilot be of the opposite gender and attractive, with one gentleman replying that he'd require his wife's permission too : "Although the pilot must be female and pretty and my wife must approve too". Some would only do it if it were an overseas flight, and others felt one free flight was not enough, but for more they'd go for it.

South Africans gradually become more and more averse to trading a 1 night stand with a pilot for a free flight as they get older, with the percentage declining from 16% under the age of 31 to 5% over the age of 70. This is in line with the many responses where people listed their (old) age as being an obstacle : "I don't think he would like a One Night stand with ME! Sadly I am too old now." said one person.

And if you're a pilot looking for a one-night stand it's best to avoid the Free State & North-West Provinces where 0% of respondents would be willing - rather maximise your chances by spend your time in Mpumalanga where 13% are interested or the Western Cape (12%).

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By Age Group

Percentage of South Africans who would have a 1 night stand with a pilot in exchange for a free flight by age group:

Under 31

16% would

31 to 40

10% would

41 to 50

9% would

51 to 60

9% would

61 to 70

8% would

Over 70

5% would

By Province

Northern Cape

25%* would
*Small sample size, so jury is still out!


13% would

Western Cape

12% would


11% would


9% would


7% would

Eastern Cape

7% would

Free State

0% would


0% would

Respondent replies


"But I am sure he would not!! I am old (HAHA)"

"Hell not at my age (LOL)"

"I don't think he would like a One Night stand with ME!!! Sadly I am too old now."

"I do not think I will qualify as I am 60 years of age!"

"If I was 45 years younger."

Ethics in the travel industry

"There are ethics in the travel industry and what example would I be setting if I wanted to be an Ambassador for S.Africa"

Only if ...

"Although the pilot must be female and pretty and my wife must approve too"

"I'll reconsider if it the pilot is exchanged for the air-hostess"

"How many pilots do you see that are female? Give me a hot air hostess and you got a deal"

"if she was female and curvy"

"If the pilot was a female"

"Only if she is female and pretty!"

"If she is a lady with nice features"

"Depends if the pilot is a hotty & I get 1st class"

"If he was hot and I was single and it was a free flight to Hawaii"

"Qualified YES! Must be of opposite gender! Would definitely take her from one city to the next without even leaving the hotel......."

"That would depend entirely on the man in question :-)"

"If the pilot is female, ABSOLUTELY, if the pilot is male, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I'm not gay (I'm a male)"

"As long as the pilot is a female and beautiful enough to keep my testosterone levels equal to flight level."

"I cant remember the last time I saw a young, hot pilot! I am a bit superficial when it comes to one-night stands!"

"Would very much depend on if there was chemistry & lets not kid ourselves, looks as well"

"If I was still single, yes!"

"Perhaps if I were single I would."

"Unless I was single and he was nice....."

"If the pilot was a blonde blue eyed lady i may be"

"If he was good-looking and it was an overseas flight, yes!"

"Depends if he will get me 6 free tickets"

"Not just one free flight - however a lifetime of free flights - then we're talking"

"Probably not - I have a conscience. However on flights I do fantasize about them - they sound too gorgeous"

Why don't people want to

"Would love to but am very conservative and shy."

"This is against my moral and christian beliefs!"

"I'm engaged ;-)"

"No, absolutely not, I have my boundaries and I am fully committed to my hubby"

"I'm a Christian and Married! Otherwise I would have, (if from the opposite gender off course!)"

"I am a respectable woman"

"My fear of my living God Jehovah comes first, remember Joseph? When Potiphar's wife tried to seduce him, he said:"...how could I commit this great badness and actually sin against God?"~Gen 39:9"

"Married (38 years). Get a free flight from my husband:)"

"I would not be able to live with myself if I have to do that"

"Definitely never, most are probably married and sleeping around in any case"

"Im not lonely, nor desperate, no offense! I'm sounded in my faith, not one to look for trouble - life throws enough of these curve balls on their own and I'm married and a mother who wouldn't intentionally hurt my God, husband nor son for anything in the world!"

"I have never seen an attractive pilot..."

"Who needs germs PLEASE that is spiffy"

"Not at all.That is the height of desperation."

"No, too scared of HIV"


"That will be exciting"

"yes i will love that"

Hoping for more

"Why not maybe it can lead to a long friendship"

Men in uniform

"Although men in uniform always look hot!"

"I think pilots have this air of attraction and appeal, they command a lot of respect from people and it would be a fantasy come true."

"Pilot uniforms are such a turn on for me"


"Will the airline name be changed to "casanova" or Escort airline"

Safety Issues

"Hell, no! He needs all his thinking and concentration faculties for a safe flight."

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