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Trends in the SA airline industry

22 Jun 2008

Google's Lab has recently released a tool whereby you can analyse trends. What you do is type in a phrase and google shows how often that phrase is searched for.

"South Africa flights"

Here's a graph of the total search volume for the phrase "South Africa flights". Note the peak in search volume towards the end of each year.

South Africa flights trends graph

"Mango Airlines"

Mango Airlines only started operations towards the end of 2006, so unsurprisingly there was no searching going on before that point for the term "Mango Airlines". Witness the massive spike in search for the term when Mango launched, and it tailed off after that as people realised that Mango is at www.flymango.com

Mango Airlines search volume trends

"South African Airways"

Search for the term "South African Airways" spiked in 2005 at point B in the graph below, when they suffered a crippling strike.

South African Airways trends


Search for the term "Kulula" has gradually increased over time, reflecting the success of the brand.

Kulula search volume


The pattern for "1time" is pretty similar to "Kulula". Both have been pretty successful, but have tailed off recently.

1time airline search trends

"Nationwide Airlines"

The search for the term "Nationwide Airlines" is interesting. It peaked at point A when Nationwide was grounded, and then peaked again at point C when Nationwide went into liquidation. Unsurprisingly, since that point there has not been much searching for the term going on.

Nationwide Airlines search traffic

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