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my SAA flight to Cape Town

25 May 2007. I wrote about my SAA flight to Johannesburg yesterday, guess I flew back to Cape Town! Dropping off the car at Imperial car rental at Johannesburg airport went smoothly (I even got in more exercise than usual, as they are further away from the terminal building than Avis car rental...if the civil servants are going to do some marching today then so am I!).

Well done SAA! Check-in went well, and I got a free copy of the Star newspaper while I checked in. I was booked in for the 5pm flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, and since it was only 1330, decided to try for an earlier flight...the staff at SAA's business class lounge were most efficient and got me onto the 1430 flight to Cape Town...whoopee(!)...even though I got the "friendship seat", it was in between 2 interesting people.

ACSA security maintaining their standards

An update on South Africa's airport security status - if you take two laptops with you, they still don't make you take the second one out of its bag, ACSA has maintained service levels (!).

Holiday Inn Accommodation

For the sake of international readers, the Holiday Inn Garden court is a hotel chain offering accommodation in South Africa. I have stayed on several occasions at their Sandton (Johannesburg) & Hatfield (Pretoria) chains. Now the menus at both chains are exactly the same, but the Hatfield branches food tastes miles better - just like SAA, the Sandton branch has perfected the art of tasteless cooking, and I am yet to discover one item on their menu I enjoy - I still stay there, and the Mr Delivery food is absolutely awesome!!

Internet facilities at Holiday Inn and OR Tambo International.

I use the hotspots at both OR Tambo International and the Holiday Inns fairly regularly. A few tips:

  • at the Holiday Inn buy the R80 voucher which allows you to use the internet for 24 hours (200mb), it's way cheaper than paying per minute, and it's unlikely you'll use the 200mb allowance.

  • at OR Tambo International Airport they have vouchers which provide 100mb which can be used over a period of a year - best value if you use South African airports frequently.

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