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R1 flights- our dysfunctional website

"Want to buy an airline flight for one rand? Come to our internet website which cant handle high volumes of web traffic." should have been the advertising slogan. Once again Mango Airline's online strategy and systems have been found wanting. In an industry which revolves around online airline ticket sales this is shocking. Selling plane tickets at R1 each costs us taxpayers (who effectively own the state carrier) - it is unacceptable that the marketing impact is compromised for the second time by a dysfunctional website.

“I would just like to report that Mango’s statement that it was giving away 5 000 tickets at R1, is a complete joke as its website cant even give a person a normal quote to anywhere in the country" A moneyweb reader lamented .

Mango Airline

History of web problems

When Mango Airlines launched to much fanfare in December 2006, their website couldn't handle the traffic, dissapointing many potential passengers...well, at least those who could find their website - it took months before their website,, was listed as number one on the search engines for the name of their airline, "Mango Airlines" - and this must have cost them millions in terms of web users who couldn't find their website. This confusion is demonstrated by the phrase "Mango Airlines" being consistently in the top 15 most searched for phrases by South Africans (Mango only recently dropped out of the most searched for terms).

A step behind foreign competitors

Overseas airlines have cottened onto the fact that airline tickets are sold online. Foreign-based airlines like Air France, KLM, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines all use affiliate marketing to boost sales - Mango Airlines, like the other South African carriers would do well to simply copy their international competitors' online strategies.

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