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Kulula gives us the old razzle dazzle

17 July 2007

Kulula gives us the old razzle dazzle

Kulula know how to put on a show with lots of flash in it (sadly, the truth is often tamer than their roar). However, last week they crossed the line, when they made the decision to exclude airport taxes from the prices they advertise. What this means is that the final price you pay is always going to be greater than the price Kulula advertises. They explained themselves as follows: "Kulula fares are now displayed exclusive of airport charges so that you are aware of the significant escalations in charges at ACSA airports". Now it is a worthwhile cause to highlight ACSA's high fees, however there are better ways of doing it - Kulula are going about it in a way which is going to confuse and upset many South Africans...who belatedly discover that they have to pay more than was advertised.

We can be cynical

We believe that part of the reason Kulula are excluding airport taxes from their frontline prices is to make their prices appear lower than that of other airlines which include airport taxes. Be very careful when comparing Kulula prices against those of other airlines.

SAA & Interlink show us the old hocus pocus

Whilst Kulula Airline has only recently joined the rogues gallery, SAA & Interlink have always excluded airport taxes from their flight prices. Be sure to add in airport taxes before comparing SAA, Interlink and Kulula flight prices against those of other airlines.

1Time head1Time, Nationwide, British Airways & Mango - prices you can trust

1Time leads the charge on the high road - they are emphatic about showing passengers the full price which they will be paying for their flights, including airport taxes. In fact last week after Kulula announced their plans to exclude airport taxes from their flight prices, 1Time sent an email out entitled "Nobody likes hidden costs":

"So when we say that you can fly Joburg to Durban from only R199, what we really mean is that you can fly Joburg to Durban from ONLY R199. Because ALL our prices are ALL inclusive...What you see is what you get...and when you get your ticket, don’t expect any ugly surprises."

While not as loud about it as 1Time; British Airways, Mango Airlines and Nationwide Airline all show full prices including airport taxes.

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