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New York Times holiday recommendations for 2008

24 August 2007

South Africans traditionally spend their December holidays on the South African coasting, sucking in the salt air at Cape Town, Durban or the plethora of smaller towns along the coastline. And what better way to while away the time, than to plan the next overseas holiday. To help us along, the New York Times recently released their top places to visit in 2008 - we've illustrated their top 10 and number 53 (New York City).



Laos is wedged in between Vietnam in the East, Burma and China to the northwest, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the west. Be sure not to miss the Wat Phou temple complex and the Budha park in Vientiane (capital city of Laos).

To get to Laos: hop onto a flight from Johannesburg to Bangkok (an Emirates flight gets you there via Dubai), and then take Thai Airways International from Bangkok to Vientiane.



LisbonBuilt on 7 hills, Lisbon is Portugal's capital city (and also their largest city). Don't miss the Berardo Collection Museum or the monuments of monument.

To get to Lisbon: hop onto a flight from Johannesburg to Lisbon (possibly direct with TAP Air Portugal).



TunisTunisia is wedged between the meditteranean ocean, Libya and Algeria. Visit El Jem to see a well preserved Roman Ampitheatre and the cave dwellings of Matmata.

To get to Tunisia: Many one-stop flights from Johannesburg to Tunis (Tunisia), possibly hop onto a British Airways flight.



It's a short flight from Johannesburg to Mauritius (there are also direct flights from Cape Town to Mauritius). November is probably the best month to visit (warm, dry and less chance of cyclones) for sun, sea and sand.


mid-beach Miamia

MiamiNo direct flights from Johannesburg to Miami, but Air France flights are one-stop (in Paris). The New York times punts mid-beach Miami because of two iconic resorts which are reopening after renovations ( Fontainebleau Miami Beach and Eden Roc Resort), and they have Miami's famous south-beach following immediately in 6th place. With 5th and 6th places going to Miami, we think that somebody at the New York Times is a bit biased. If you're travelling from Cape Town, here's a list of airlines operating flights from Cape Town to Miami.


south-beach Miami



Unfortuanately there are no direct flights from South Africa to the Maldives. Here's a list of ways to fly from Johannesburg to the Maldives (Male) - we suggest hopping onto an Emirates flight.



Death Valley

Death Valley is a National Park lying (below sea level) in the Nevada and California states of the USA - it is one of the hottest places in the world. Best way of getting there is by flying from Johannesburg to Las Vegas, renting a car and then driving to Death Valley.



If you enjoy your skiing, then you'll probably like the Courchevel area of the French Alps.

Getting to Courchevel: Your best option is to fly from Johannesburg to Geneva, and then catch a bus or train to Courchevel (or rent a car).




TripoliWorld War II, the mediterranean and Roman ruins. Hop onto a flight from Johannesburg to Tripoli and see it all.


New York

New York, the capital city of the world. Take a walk over Brooklyn Bridge, see the Statue of Liberty, climb the Empire State Building and visit the world famous Time Square. It's a long flight from Johannesburg to New York, but worth it (often Emirates flights are the cheapest). There are also many flight options from Cape Town to New York.

New York Stock Exchange

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