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British Airways Flights to Victoria Falls

British Airways (Comair / MN / CAW) operates flights from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls (VFA) in Zimbabwe. Every day flight BA6285 is scheduled to leave OR Tambo International Airport at 11h25 and arrive at Victoria Falls Airport at 13h05.

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British Airways flights to Victoria Falls are rated 5/5 based on 1 customer review

Ex Zimbabwean Returns to Vic Falls

>2013-06-20: Rating 5/5 : In 2011/2012, Four of us planned a trip to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe Side) as I am an ex Zimbabwean and love taking my friends back home to experience the Beautiful Zimbabwe with me. We booked our flights back in June 2011 and this is where the excitement unraveled. After months of excitement, the 26th December 2011 finally arrived and we were ready to board our BA flight direct to Victoria Falls. We had an early start at OR Tambo with some delicious breakfast and a few drinks (that’s how excited we were). Boarding time arrived and we approached our BA Airline via bus, entry onto the plane was quick and the beautiful Hostesses warmly greeted us.

seated on a British Airways plane

I am probably the world’s most terrified flyer and take offs and landings are not my thing! Luckily BA had a smooth take off that morning so no tears down my cheeks.  Lunch on board was delicious, provided by Woolies (great choice) and of course the drinks kept flowing provided by the switched on Hostesses.

free drinks - Vodka and tomato juice on a British Airways flights

As we approached Victoria Falls Airport, the clouds kept getting bigger and darker L now terrifying me….and then Rain!!! Nerves shot, I clenched my seat and closed my eyes for what was going to be a rough landing. Luckily for the experienced pilot, the landing was a lot more smoother than expected and never had I been so glad to touch down in my homeland. After ten AMAZING days in beautiful Victoria falls it was time to head back to Johannesburg. Waiting in Victoria Falls Airport for our return trip was not nearly as exciting as our departing flight as the Airport has nothing on OR Tambo and we were probably suffering from post-holiday Depression already. But once again on BA, we had a lovely trip back to SA, great Service, Great food and friendly, wonderful Staff. Thank you BA for making our trip that much more memorable and we will DEFINITELY be using your services again. Written by: Michelle


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