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Durban to Cape Town

British Airways were cheapest, so it was a no brainer to book our return flight from Durban to Cape Town with them (5th Feb 2010). Our holiday began with an SAA flight from Cape Town to Durban, then we spent a night at the Belaire Suites on Durban's north beach, before cruising with the MSC Sinfonia (boarded in Durban harbour) from Durban to Maputo and the Portuguese Island (with an island hop to Inhaca) and back to Durban.

British Airways aircraft parked at Cape Town International Airport

Three wishes for SAA

I wont say British Airways food is perfect, but it is better than SAA's. SAA please take note that this is what an Asian Vegetarian sandwich should look like (NOT cheese and cucumber):

Asian vegetarian by British Airways

And SAA, you've got to admit that BA's kids meal (see below) is far more attractive than simply providing an adult rolls for the little ones.

British Airways kids' meal

Finally SAA, please start stocking tomato cocktails again - here's one I enjoyed on my BA flight:

tomato cocktail on the British Airways flight

The earlier you check-in luggage, the more time to steal it

We checked in a couple of hours early for our British Airways flight, and were advised at the check-in desk to rather bring our hold luggage later, as otherwise it's lying around for longer with greater opportunities for it to be stolen. Sad really that this is the situation we find ourselves in. Sounds to me like we need a new airports management company.

British Airways plane parked at Durban International Airport

British Airways vs SAA

The fact that we flew with both within a week, provided a rich opportunity to update our BA & SAA comparison. On the plus side for SAA, we found that they had discovered a sense of humour...unfortuanately their food has gone from bad to worse. Something which has continuously impressed me with BA is the shortness of their check-in queues, and today at Durban check-in was one of the rare times I've had a bit of a wait in their queues. We were sitting just behind the wing of the British Airways plane, and it was very noisy.

British Airways check-in queue at Durban International Airport

Last flight from Durban International Airport

With the new airport at La Lucia (King Shaka) coming into operation after the Fifa World Cup, this was sadly my last flight from Durban International Airport. I know Comair put in a bid for the old airport, but some clever guys would rather destroy millions of rands of airport infrastructure at the old airport than allow competition against the new King Shaka Airport. This is a HUGE mistake - no country thrives without unleashing competitive forces. China were in the doldrums for a long time before they started encouraging competition.

Ultimately the losers from this are (1) those travelling between Durban and Johannesburg who will have to pay higher prices than if proper competition was allowed, (2) those living on the south coast of Durban who will now have to travel further as well as those travelling there, (3) all airline passengers throughout South Africa as airport taxes are being increased on unrelated routes to finance King Shaka, (4) airlines as there'll be fewer people flying because of the higher prices, (5) other businesses as more being spent on airline tickets means less to spend elsewhere, (6) even government itself will actually pay a price because less business being done means less tax income coming into its coffers. The only winners are those who decided to build King Shaka Airport, as they'll be protected from having their very costly decision exposed.

SouthAfrica.TO is a staunch advocate of the breaking up of the inefficient high-cost couldn't-care-less ACSA monopoly.

Yes, why not label BA flights as SA

One needs to be on one's toes with ACSA around - they marked the British Airways carousel where we needed to pick up our luggage as "South African Airlink: SA8664".

SA marks BA luggage collection SA8664

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boarding a BA flight at Durban International Airport

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