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BA South Africa flight review

We were very surprised that BA South Africa was offering the cheapest prices on both the outbound and return legs from Cape Town to Johannesburg. So we booked British Airways (BA) for the return leg (1 Aug 2009) and an Interlink flight for the outbound leg (even though it wasn't cheapest, we wanted the experience as we had never flown Interlink Airlines before).

Full service carrier

What a pleasure being on a full service carrier again, and the flight reinforced our opinion that British Airways offers the most comfortable flight in South Africa. There were only 3 rows of business class in the plane, but no need to book business class as the economy class seats felt luxurious after our recent Mango Airlines flight - there was plenty of leg-room and the seats felt wider.

Tasty food

British Airways are now serving Woolworths food, so I was looking forward to sampling it. I ordered the vegeterian option and it was tasty. A lovely spicy couscous, and even the spinach tasted fresh and good. And of course, you don't have to worry about getting your wallet out like on the low cost carriers. To further please me, BA later handed out ice-cream :)

British Airways horizons

I love reading in-flight magazines, and British Airways has 2 (their South African magazine and their international magazine). Some of the advertisers in the British Airways horizons were:

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