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At a meeting of the Air Services Council of the Department of Transport (South Africa) on 21 Jan 2009, the notification by Airquarius to operate a scheduled air service in South Africa was received and accepted by the council. This service will commence on 30 January 2009.

Airquarius is the holder of a scheduled and non-scheduled air service licence (Number S714D and N713D) issued by the Air Service Licensing Council in terms of section 17(1) of Act 115 of 1990. Airquarius is also the holder of an International Air Service License (Number I/N 134) issued in terms of 18(1) of Act No 60 of 1993.

Airquarius is the holder of a valid part 121 Operating Certificate issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Blackbird Aerospace would like to welcome Airquarius as a member of Airtime Airlines. The aircraft of Airquarius will be in the iFLY Airtime livery. Licensed Air Service Operators who are members of Airtime Airlines use the new PAY AS YOU FLY airline revenue and yield management system with the frequent flyer programme iFLY Airtime.

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