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AirQuarius flights

AirQuarius was an aviation business offering charter flights, facilitates the sale of planes, their maintenance, leasing, offers spare parts and cabin crew, pilots and training. Whilst the airline was based at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg, it offered services throughout Africa and the Middle-East.


7 Feb 2012

AirQuarius closes its doors and stops operating.

9 Sep 2011

According to an article in Beeld, concerns have been raised about the awarding of an air operating certificate to AirQuarius Charters, in which the supposed inspector of the aircraft has said that neither the signature nor the handwriting on the form is his.

According to the CAA: "The investigation is still underway. However, due to the seriousness of the allegations and in the interest of safety, I also requested my team to check all documents pertaining to this approval and also conduct additional inspections to ensure that there are no safety gaps related to this particular operator. So far there are no indications of any major concerns that could warrant the SACAA to use its prerogative to withdraw the said AOC approval. Having said that though; the final inspections are being conducted and we will soon know the correct status of this operator's AOC. It is only then that a decision will be made on whether to retain or withdraw the approval;" explained Mr. Thwala.

29 Jun 2011

The South African National Taxi Council announces that AirQuarius is being appointed to operate flights on behalf of its (to be formed) Santaco Express Airline. AirQuarius will supply planes, pilots and cabin crew, and over a 2 year period transfer these skills to Santaco.

early 2009

Citing high aviation fuel prices and the subsequent need to fly more fuel-efficient planes to Iraq, Royal Jordanian Airlines returns 2  Fokker F28 Mk4000s to AirQuarius (Royal Jordanian switched to using its Embraer aircraft to fly to Iraq).

Jan 2009

It's announced that AirQuarius will operate flights on behalf of Airtime Airlines (this venture never got off the ground).

late 2003

South African pilots working for AirQuarius Aviation, start providing the only civilian flights to Baghdad, on behalf of Royal Jordanian Airlines (from Amman in Jordan), who's own pilots were too scared to fly the route! One or 2 flights a day are flown in a Fokker 28, registration ZS XGX, with pilots who have tours of duty of 5 weeks.

Landing and takeoff at Baghdad International Airport involves flying in a tight spiral within the perimeter of the airport to reduce the risk of getting shot down by gunfire and missiles.

Feb 1997

Gavin Branson launches AirQuarius as a small charter flight airline, Branson Air (Pty) Ltd.

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