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Shock & Awe at 1time Relaunch

Apparently the thought of 1time restarting doesn't fill everybody with the desire to sit around a campfire and sing Kumbaya. After I speculated that 1time would be first to restart out of the new airlines, I received the following emailL

"I am absolutely SHOCKED to say the least that 1Time will be allowed to fly the skies again I think it is DISGUSTING before they put their new aeroplanes in the sky they should consider paying back the people whose money they took with them when they went under . THAT WOULD BE THE RIGHT THINBG TO DO I WILL NEVER NEVER FLY 1TIME EVEN IF THEIR FLIGHT WERE FREE MY SON IN LAW LOST ALMOST R10000 WITH 1TIME. PAY THE PEOPLE BACK FIRST THEN SHOW YOUR FACE IN THE SKY!"

On the other side of the fence, another reader responded : "dit sal great wees as daar meer airlines kan kom." (translation: it'll be great if more airlines can come).

There's a slight nuance to 1time restarting. It's the brand owned by 1time Holdings which is starting up again. The airline which used to fly folk around until November 2012, 1time Airline, is going through the processes of liquidation. 1time Airline is owned by 1time Holdings, but they way companies work, is that the holding company does not usually stand liable for subsidiary companies losses (unless they've signed surety for it).

Whether it's wise to reuse a brand which is tainted, is a different story. Perhaps we should rename it 2time ;)

1Time Airline

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