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1time to Livingstone

9 Apr 2010

We booked our return flight from Johannesburg to Livingstone on 1time Airlines. It's easy to forget that this is an international flight, meaning we had to arrive at Johannesburg Airport at 06h45 to be in time for our 09h15 flight (on the 9th Apr). To make sure that we weren't late we caught a Kulula flight to Johannesburg the previous evening and spent the night at the Southern Sun O.R. Tambo (there's a shuttle every 15m to it). I must say that the stay at the Southern Sun was great and the staff were friendly. Next time I'd like to try out the City Lodge, as it is perched right above the parking lot at O.R. Tambo (and presumably doesn't require a shuttle). Here's a photo of the bed I struggled out of in the morning (slept through the first wake-up call!).

beds at the Southern Sun O.R. Tambo International Airport

[we have updated our ongoing comparison of 1time vs Kulula vs Mango]

1time check-in for international flights is at domestic departures

We asked the shuttle to drop us off at international departures but 1time's check-in is actually at the domestic departures (even for international flights to Livingstone), but boarding takes place at the international departures. After the Lance Armstrong incident there were stories about South African immigration officers being unfriendly, but this has never been our experienced and wasn't on this occassion either. Here's a photo of Johannesburg O.R. Tambo Airport all kitted out for the Fifa World Cup 2010.

Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport kitted out for the Fifa World Cup 2010

Newscafe at O.R. Tambo rocks

I was impressed with Newscafe - they offered me a couch and a powerpoint for my laptop, and I enjoyed a tasty berry-blast smoothie was tasty. The 3G connection from Newscafe with Vodacom was good. There are a lot of stores at the international departures boarding area of O.R. Tambo International Airport.

Newscafe at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport

Here's a photo of the very colourful Out of Africa store at Johannesburg Airport.

Out of Africa store at Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport, South Africa

1time are on the ball

We got to boarding gates 3 minutes after boarding was scheduled to begin and the plane had already boarded. These 1time staff are on the ball at the international departures. This was the first time I had seen Avis Car Rental advertising on the side of a 1time plane (so now we have Kulula advertising Europcar and 1time advertising Avis).

Avis Car Hire advertising on the side of the 1time plane

More legroom

What I like about the seats on 1time's planes is that they are set quite high, which effectively means your legs stretch down instead of into the seat in front of you.

We got to the airport at 0700 (it's an international). at on 1time flight 1T951 and arrive in Livingstone at 1110, and return on the 12th April on 1T952 at 1220. We had caught a Kulula flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg the previous eveningTotal cost was R5,739 or R1913 each. We'll be staying at The Kingdom at Victoria Falls.


aboutTime is 1time's in-flight magazine, which comes in an easy to hold A5 format. The April edition contained interesting articles, for instance covering the Spier Contemporary Photography works, including Araminta de Clermont's series on traditional initiation. There was also lots of travel advertising, including an advert on hot air ballooning at the Hartbeespoort.

Slippery landing

Livingstone Airport's runway was slippery and we aquaplaned as we landed, with the plane coming to the stop at the end of the runway and I could smell the tyres burning.

1time aircraft parked at Livingstone Airport, Zambia

It was warm but raining, and some of the ground staff got umbrellas out for us (a first experience).

disembarking from a 1time plane at Livingstone Airport

Immigration form for Zambia

Landing cards for immigration are handed out on the plane to everybody without Zambian passports, requiring personal info plus method of arrival and place of arrival and your signature.

Imperial Car Rental...not dead yet

Imperial Car Rental rebranded into Europcar in July 2009, but it seems they haven't heard the news in Zambia. When we arrived at Livingstone Airport we saw this Imperial Car Rental sign (with Europcar signs in the office):

Imperial Car Rental sign at Livingstone Airport, international arrivals

Long queue in Livingstone

The 1time queue at Livingstone Airport was much longer than what we are used to for 1time Airline check-ins in South Africa.

Spray the plane

On the way back from Livingstone to Johannesburg, the staff first sprayed the plane in accordance with World Health Regulations (my little knowledge of this is that they have to spray when planes leaves from areas with prevalence of certain diseases).

Notes to the booking

  • This booking confirmation/VAT invoice together with our terms & conditions of carriage( a full copy of which is available on our website) constitute the terms of your contract with 1time

  • Your booking confirmation number, together with your RSA ID document, valid passport or drivers license will be required to check in

  • Check in opens 2 hours before scheduled departure time, and closes 30 minutes before departure time.

  • Passengers are advised to arrive for check in 90 minutes prior to departure time

  • Checked baggage is limited to 20kg's per passenger, and 1 small piece of hand baggage limited to 5 kg's.

  • Excess baggage will be charged at R20 per kilogram

  • Dangerous articles, including flammable goods, poisons, gas cylinders, corrosives, infectious substances, firearms and explosives, should not be carried in your checked items.

  • Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over

  • Reservation changes may be made up to 2 hours before departure of the booked flight. Changes may be made on our website, through our call centre, or at any of our airport offices. A R120 Change of Reservation fee, plus the difference in fare if applicable, will be charged per passenger, If the fare on the new flight is lower than the original fare, no refund will be issued. The above is also applicable to name changes.

  • A passenger that fails to check-in within the allocated time (between 2 hours and 30minutes before scheduled departure time) will be regarded as a no show and will forfeit their seat and the portion of the fare that is allocated to that leg of the flight reservation

  • After confirmation of a reservation, no refunds will be granted under any circumstances, apart from the following:

    • If a flight is cancelled by 1time

    • If 1time is unable to honour the passengers reservation resulting in the passenger being denied boarding

  • Passengers requiring assistance must arrange this in advance through our call centre

  • Lost or delayed baggage must be reported immediately on arrival. Passengers will be compensated for lost baggage to a maximum of USD 20 per kg of checked-in baggage.

  • 1time will not accept liability for losses or damages to valuable items such as, but not limited to, cell phones, jewelry, laptops, electronic items, cash, credit cards, documents, sunglasses, spectacles, fragile or perishable items packed in baggage.

  • Baggage is designed to protect it's contents. 1time will not accept liability for scratches, cosmetic or minor damage to baggage, nor for any items protruding from bags, such as handles or trolleys.

1time airline (Pty) Ltd
Company Registration Number: 2003/020975/07 VAT Registration Number: 4010209023
PO Box 7110 Bonaero Park Gauteng South Africa 1622
Tel: 0861 345 345 Fax: 0866 764 013

1time plane at Livingstone Airport, Zambia

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