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1time Johannesburg - Cape Town

19 Sep 2009

We usually book our outbound & return flights on different airlines, so as to be able to review 2 different carriers, but on this occasion 1time's R299 fare was too cheap to resist. Well done to 1time on the cheap flight specials - cant wait for your next (and here's our full list of 1time flight specials). We wont rehash everything we learnt on our 1time CPT-JNB flight.

Mango lady at 1time check-in

At the 1time Johannesburg check-in, I was surprised to see a lady with Mango logos on your necklace-keyring working at the 1time check-in - she informed me that she works for Swissport and services all the airlines' luggage areas (mmmm....if all the airlines are your clients then perhaps the right thing is to dress neutrally, rather than wear Mango Airlines logos! I certainly wouldn't like my business partners visiting me wearing competitor gear).

For the record, there was not much of a queue at the 1time check-in at O.R. Tambo Airport, only 3 people in front of us.

Overhead air nozzles

The overhead air nozzles did not have much pressure in them. This is not something we have previously examined closely, and we have added it to our list of 1time vs Kulula vs Mango comparisons.


We sat at the back of the 1time plane in between its 2 rear engines - we have previously described this as similar to being inside a washing machine during its spin cycle - this is probably still the most accurate description during most of the flight , but during takeoff it also sounded like a very loud bee.

Third time sort-of lucky

We had to ask an air hostess 3 times for a kiddies pack, before we got a reply - she explained that the kiddies pack was right at the front of the aircraft - no problem with the explanation, just would have been nice to hear first time what's going on. The hostie then took so long to get the kiddies pack, that my partner ran out of patience and went to fetch it.

under the wing of a 1time aircraft

booking details

invoice date Thu, 30 Jul 2009
name Jane Doe invoice no. INVC7o923i844
booking code ABCDEFG booking status Confirmed

flight detail

flight no sector departure date departure time arrival date arrival time
1T 105 Joburg - Cape Town Sat, 19 Sep 2009 14:15 Sat, 19 Sep 2009 16:25

bells and whistles details

first name last name premier lounge meal voucher travel insurance
not selected not selected not selected
not selected not selected not selected
not selected not selected not selected

invoice items

total nett cost R573.69
notifications : sms R1.75
total taxes and levies R243.00
total vat R80.56
total, incl vat R899.00

Carrier - Terms and Conditions

These terms & conditions together with our conditions of carriage & your booking confirmation constitute the contract between
1time airline (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 1time) and the passenger.
1. Check-in & Boarding
1. Your booking confirmation number (six digit alphanumeric code on your confirmed booking) and proof of identity (any of
these VALID ORIGINAL forms of Identification are accepted: RSA ID book; RSA driver's license; passport; or temporary ID or
Passport) will be required when checking in. We DO NOT accept copies of identity or temporary travel documents, whether
certified copies or not, as proof of identity.
2. Check-in desks open 2 hours before scheduled departure time and close 30 minutes before scheduled departure time for
domestic flights and 45 minutes before departure for regional (over border) flights. Operational and safety constraints
prevent us from checking in passengers outside of these time periods.
3. Passengers are advised to check-in 90 minutes before scheduled departure time.
4. Seat numbers will be allocated at check-in.
5. An eCheck-in facility is available online for passengers not carrying checked in baggage i.e. hand luggage passengers only.
The eCheck-in facility is available online for check-in from 24 hours to 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
2. Booking Confirmation
1. No tickets will be issued for travel.
2. The booking confirmation provided to you will quote a unique booking confirmation number.
3. Your booking confirmation/VAT Invoice together with our terms & conditions of carriage constitute the terms of your
contract with 1time.
4. Airport levies, value added tax and insurance surcharges imposed on air travel by Government or other authorities are
included on the tax invoice provided with your booking confirmation. For regional flights please refer to section 18.
5. A reservation is only valid and confirmed after payment has been received. The heading of such a booking confirmation is
6. A preliminary reservation awaiting payment is headed PROFORMA TAX INVOICE AND BOOKING CONFIRMATION. This is not a
confirmed booking and will only be confirmed on receipt of payment. Upon receipt of payment in full, a TAX INVOICE AND
BOOKING CONFIRMATION will be received confirming the preliminary reservation and payment.
3. Reservation Changes
1. Reservation changes may be made up to 2 hours before departure of the booked flight. Changes may be made on our
website, through our call centre, or at any of our airport offices. A R90 Change of Reservation fee, plus the difference in
fare if applicable, will be charged per passenger. If the fare on the new flight is lower than the original fare, no refund will
be issued. The above is also applicable to name changes.
2. Charges for reservation changes made through the website, or through the call centre, may only be settled with a credit
card. Passengers requiring to pay cash for reservation changes, would need to make the changes at a 1time ticket office
located in the applicable airport.
3. A passenger that fails to check-in within the allocated time (between 2 hours and 30 minutes on national flights and 45
minutes on regional flights, before scheduled departure time) will be regarded as a no-show and will forfeit their seat and
the portion of the fare that is allocated to that leg of the flight reservation. A no-show is not entitled to a refund.
4. Refunds
1. After confirmation of a reservation, no refunds will be granted under any circumstances, apart from the following:
路 If a flight is cancelled by 1time;
路 If 1time is unable to honour the passengers reservation resulting in the passenger being denied boarding.
2. Where a passenger elects to claim a refund for a denied boarding or cancelled flight 1time will effect a refund to the
passenger's credit card account or issue a refund cheque, as applicable.
3. Refunds are not permitted where a passenger failed to check-in within the allocated time (between 2 hours and 30 minutes
for national flights and 45 minutes for regional flights, before departure time). This constitutes as a no-show.
5. Denied Boarding
1. In the unlikely event that 1time is not able to provide a seat for a confirmed booking the airline will, at the passenger's
election, refund all monies received in respect of the ticket, or place the passenger on the next 1time flight.
2. The airline will not provide meal or accommodation vouchers or accept any further liability for denied boarding, delayed
flights or changes in flight schedules.
6. Cancelled Flights
1. Where a flight is cancelled due to reasons caused by weather conditions, air traffic control, technical, operational reasons,
industrial unrest or an Act of God, 1time will, at the passenger's election:
路 refund all monies received in respect of the confirmed reservation, or
路 place the passenger on the next 1time flight, subject to seat availability.
2. 1time will not accept any further liability for cancelled flights.
7. Baggage
1. Checked baggage is limited to 20 kg, plus one piece of hand luggage, limited to 5 kg, provided the hand luggage fits into the
aircraft overhead bins.
2. Excess baggage will be charged at R20 per additional kilogram carried.
3. Dangerous articles must not be carried in baggage. These include and are not limited to: flammable goods, poisons, gas
cylinders, corrosives, infectious substances, firearms and explosives.
4. Dangerous or sharp articles as included and not limited to the following list may not be carried on board as they could be
used as weapons: toy guns, cutlery, knives in any form, scissors, syringes, Leatherman or other pocket multi tool kits,
blades and nail clippers.
5. The carriage of firearms is strictly prohibited.
6. Live animals may not be carried as checked baggage nor onboard the aircraft. (except in the case of guide dogs for the
7. All sporting equipment is included in the 20Kg checked baggage allowance.
8. Lost and Damaged Baggage
1. Baggage must be adequately secured to protect its contents.
2. The airline will not accept responsibility or pay compensation for damage caused to items protruding from or attached to
bags or for damage caused as a result of badly packed bags.
3. Baggage is designed to protect its contents, as such 1time will not accept liability for damage to items such as zips,
handles, wheels or for `wear and tear麓 on any baggage
4. Any claim for missing items or damaged baggage must be submitted to the airline within 24 hours of the arrival of your
5. 1time will not accept liability for losses or damages to valuable items such as but not limited to: cellular phones, jewellery,
laptops or other computer equipment, electronic items, cash, credit cards, spectacles, sun glasses, and fragile or perishable
items packed in baggage.
6. Lost or delayed baggage must be reported immediately on arrival at the destination airport. Passengers will be
compensated for lost baggage to a maximum of USD 20 per kg of checked-in baggage.
7. No compensation will be paid for delayed baggage.
8. 1time reserves the right to trace any missing baggage for 14 days from the reported loss.
9. Children & Infants
1. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 years or older, who will take responsibility for
the child / children.
2. Infants under the age of 2 travel free of charge provided they sit on an adult's lap. Each adult may only have one infant on
their lap.
3. Adult fares apply to children over 2 years of age.
10. Special Needs
1. Special needs passengers requiring assistance will be accommodated in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
regulations. CAA regulations limit 1time to 2 special needs passengers per flight. Passengers unable to ascend/descend
aircraft stairs will be loaded on selected flights only, due to operational constraints.
2. Bookings for special needs passengers must be made via the call centre. Arrangements for assistance for passengers will be
done during the booking process.
3. Subject to prior arrangement, wheelchairs may be arranged for passengers to be used inside the airport terminals and to
and from the aircraft. Should the passenger not be able to ascend/descend stairs with assistance, a passenger aid unit can
be arranged.
4. Passengers with special needs who have not made prior arrangements may be refused carriage.
11. Pregnant Passengers
1. The following is required from pregnant passengers that are more than 28 weeks into their term:
路 Between 28 and 35 Weeks - A medical certificate stating that the passenger is fit to fly, must be handed in to the 1time
agent when checking in.
路 More than 36 weeks - Due to safety regulations, passengers that are further than 36 weeks into their pregnancy, may not be
accepted for travel.
12. Firearms
1. Firearms (including but not limited to hand guns and/or hunting rifles) and all ammunition are strictly prohibited, whether
in checked baggage or hand luggage.
13. Meals and beverages
1. Snacks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages will be available for sale on board the aircraft during flight.
2. Alcohol brought on board by passengers may not be consumed during flights.
14. Car Rental
1. Car rental services booked through our website establish a contract directly between the passenger and the car rental
company. 1time is not a party to the contract.
15. Accommodation
1. Accommodation services booked through our website establish a contract directly between the passenger and the
accommodation provider. 1time is not a party to the contract.
16. Passenger Conduct
1. All 1time flights are non smoking.
2. Passengers are by law required to obey all lawful commands given by the Captain or delegated crew.
3. Any passenger, who misbehaves, is disruptive or threatens the safety of any other passenger or aircrew member may be
physically restrained and, when possible, removed from the flight and will be arrested at the destination airport.
4. Passengers who are guilty of misconduct will be subject to prosecution according to Civil Aviation Regulations or National
Security Legislation.
5. If a diversion is necessitated by the misconduct of a passenger, that passenger will be liable for costs incurred by 1time.
17. Liability
1. In the event of an accident resulting in the death of, or injury to, a passenger whilst on board an aircraft operated by 1time
or during the course of embarking or disembarking, the amount of any damages payable by 1time is limited to 100 000
Special Drawing Rights, provided it is proved that such death or injury was caused by negligence on the part of the airline.
18. Privacy and Security
1. Using a credit card to purchase air travel on 1time is a safe way to pay for your flights. All personal and credit card
information is encrypted through secure server software to prevent any third party access to your data. All historical data is
held in a secure environment.
2. All information requested for an internet booking is required solely to process the flight reservation. Your information will not be sold or made available to third parties.
19. Regional Flights
1. 1time airline is a point to point carrier and will not accept any responsibility for onward travel arrangements booked with another airline. All baggage will be checked only to the first destination of the 1time airline flight booked. All passengers will be required to clear immigration and collect their own bags.
2. All passengers must ensure that they hold a visa for entry into the country of the destination of their 1time flight. Passengers who do not have a valid visa will not be accepted for travel.
3. All passengers traveling to South Africa are required to have two full clear pages in their passports. Passport control will not allow access to South Africa if these pages are not available in the passport. As such passengers without 2 clear pages in their passport will not be accepted for travel to South Africa.
4. Relevant departure taxes imposed by certain countries has to be paid on departure from the relevant departure airport. This amount must be paid at the airport before check in and has to be paid in US $ by non resident travelers and is not included in your 1time flight ticket price.
5. It is the responsibility of all passengers to ensure that they are aware of any passport, government imposed taxes and visa requirements for their nationalities.
6. The passenger will be liable for all costs incurred in their repatriation for any visa or passport irregularities.

Where had we been?

This 1time flight to Cape Town was the last leg in our tour of the North-West Province of South Africa. We used Comet Car Hire's unique rental proposition to get us around, Great guide to help us with navigation, visited Bakubung Bush Lodge, the Sun City Hotel and the Hartebeespoort Dam. We did a lot and also learned that there is so much more to do in that area - cant wait to get back to the North-West.

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