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You probably have that mate of yours who, despite not being able to speak the same language as you, is always there to lift your spirits when you are feeling down. He might be furry and fluffy or leathery and smooth. We often want them around where ever we go, whether its a holiday or just a visit to family or friends. 1Time Airlines seem to appreciate this cosy relationship, which is why they allow you to fly with your pet.

1Time Airline

To get you and your pal flying you will need to be aware of the following regulations:

They transport any kind of pet, including the exotic ones like lions and snakes;

Fare is R 19/kg – but they calculate the weight as the greater of volumetric weight and actual weight;

No limit on the number of pets per passenger;

Pets can fly unaccompanied; and

A vaccination certificate is an absolute necessity, and additional documentation may be required for exotic pets.

Unfortunately e-bucks, Discovery Membership and other loyalty programs don't extend to pets. Also, you cannot cosy up to your pet during the flight though as they cannot be accommodated in the passenger cabin, they are placed in a section of the cargo compartment. This service is provided through Pet Travel Services: 011 390 2841

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