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Collection of 1time inflight magazines (abouTime):

Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (November 2012)

"When I took over as 1time 's Group CEO in October 2011, I understood that I was taking over a company with financial challenges. But I also knew that I was inheriting a great brand built with blood, sweat and tears, passion, hard work and the enduring commitment of an incredible team."

The Ride in Mongolia (October 2012):

- Avis advertise "Weekend and Summer car rental rates from R164 per day*" when you book your flights & car rentals through 1time's website.

- "I have never felt so moved by the level of loyalty & esteem that we have received in recent times." Blacky Komani

Rediscovering Harare (September 2012):

  • "we achieved the best OTP (On Time Performance) figures in June for all South African carriers flying out of OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. The airline achieved a 92.51% OTP rate according to independent statistics released by Airports Company South Africa (ACSA)."

  • 3 restful retreats - The Hydro at Stellenbosch, The Buddhist Retreat Centre in KZN & NAMASTE Wellness Retreats

Women in Antarctica (August 2012):

  • The 3 pillars that underscore 1time's philosophy of achieving passenger satisfaction are On Time Performance, customer service & ensuring a flight schedule that fits passengers' needs.

  • 1time co-sponsored the 2012 MTN Supersport Golf Shootout Tournament.

Olympic Glory (July 2012):

  • During May 2012 1time "achieved the best On-Time Performance of any South African Carrier flying out of OR Tambo International, Cape Town International, and King Shaka International Airports".

  • 1time Charters has a "reputation as the only charter provider in South Africa that is backed by the infrastructure of a domestic or regional airline."

Royal Kingdom of Mapungubwe (June 2012):

  • 1time passengers qualify for Avis car hire rates from R164 per day* (T&Cs)

  • the next time you fly with 1time airline, you could find yourself
    sitting next to Blacky Komani (Chief Executive Officer) or one of the 1time Exco, who have all undertaken to fly twice a week to assess the full 1time experience.

SA's Top Chefs (May 2012):

  • Cape Town's ethnic dining spots

  • 1time passengers qualify for discounted Avis Car Rental rates (R164 per day at the time of writing, will change, terms & conditions apply)

  • Muay Thai (April 2012), 1time cover their technological developments:

    - they are developing a cellphone application for booking & checking in.

    - "Now when you receive emails such as flight itineraries & Home e-Checkin reminders, by simply clicking on a link within the email, you will be routed to our website & your 1time booking will be populated automatically."

    License to thrill (March 2012), 1time cover their desire to expand their reach in 2012

  • "The first major development is a new route to Mombasa, Kenya, with two direct flights available every Friday and Monday from OR Tambo International Airport to Mombasa International Airport."

  • "We are also very pleased to announce that we will be operating from Lanseria International Airport from 5th March 2012. Lanseria, which is less than 50 km from Johannesburg and Pretoria, makes a great alternative to the busy OR Tambo International Airport, especially for those living in the northern and western suburbs of
    Johannesburg. This new terminus will allow our passengers to connect to Durban and Cape Town twice daily, with flight arrivals and departures each morning and afternoon/evening."

  • Star Struck (February 2012)

  • "The conventional thinking is that you should use your full taxable allowance to invest in retirement annuities. But if you are younger than 45, this is no longer the case, says Sneddon. New legislation is putting curbs on where you may invest, making it harder to invest all of your money in equities (which traditionally outperform other asset classes over time)." (Ed: there's an interesting article on whether to maximise retirement fund savings which came out after the budget)

  • Horse trails (January 2012)

  • "Mombasa is a magnificent holiday location, and we expect that many 1time passengers
    will eagerly grab the opportunity to explore this coastal Kenyan city, which offers tourists
    a variety of pleasurable activities. These include picturesque beaches, fishing, and the
    chance to see game at the nearby Tsavo National Game Reserve."

  • Lion Park near Johannesburg - now open till 21h30

  • Green Christmas (December 2011)

  • 1time implements a 10% increase in flights over Christmas 2011

  • Article on the "zen of hiking", covering trails like Chapmans Peak, Simonstown

  • Cruising the Chobe River (November 2011)

  • Article on the Power of Laughter, and a listing of South Africa's best comedy clubs

  • Stunning photos of a cruise on the Chobe River

  • Okavango on horseback (October 2011)

    Zambezi Queen (September 2011)

    Music festivals (August 2011)

    Heroes & villains (July 2011 - warning: large file)

  • Some stunning photos of Inhambane (Mozabique) and article about it. This is one of the places the MSC Sinfonia cruises to, and I would love to go one.

  • Seeing questionable comments like this is exactly why we're starting our free investment advice website: "Gold is at its highest level ever and is definitely one of the better and more secure investments in today's times."

  • Back to nature (June 2011 - warning: large file)
    Best place highlighted:

  • Phantom Forest Eco-Reserve, Garden Route

  • Maputo Magic (May 2011 - warning: this file is 24mb in size)
    Best advertiser:

    • Tau Game Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve in the North-West Province

    The magazine looks at the Stanley and Livingstone Hotel near Victoria Falls.

  • Fiery Flamenco (Apr 2011)
    Best advertisers:
    Thornybush Game Lodge in the Limpopo part of the Kruger National Park - we'd love to spend a night.
    1time holidays win a trip to Zanzibar.
    Best shopping centres in Johannesburg - Rosebank Rooftop market, 44 Stanley, 4th Avenue, The Design Quarter.
  • Join the Circus (Jan 2011)

    Things we love (Feb 2011)

    Silver Screen (Mar 2011)

    Horror-fying (Oct 2010)

    Get moving (Nov 2010)

    Beach time (Dec 2010)

    Soccer Showdown (Jul 2010)

    Star Gazing (Aug 2010)

    Plant a tree (Sep 2010)

    Geek factor (Apr 2010)

    1time Fan Club (May 2010)

    Kick-off time (Jun 2010)

    Cheers 2010 (Jan 2010)

    1time loves U (Feb 2010)

    Alice in Wonderland (Mar 2010)

    Bollywood (Oct 2009)

    Guy Fawkes (Nov 2009)

    Festive Fun (Dec 2009)

    Festival Time (Jul 2009)

    La Tomatina (Aug 2009)

    Youth Culture (Sep 2009)

    Fairytale Magic (Apr 2009)

    Our Big Cheese (May 2009)

    Coffee Culture (Jun 2009)

    Art of Ink (Jan 2009)

    Scent Seduction (Feb 2009)

    Autumn on Fire (Mar 2009)

    Ballroom Dancing (Aug 2008)

    Golden Wonder (Dec 2008)

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