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Victoria Falls Crocodile Ranch

It's not really my thing, but I paid a visit to the Victoria Falls Crocodile Ranch to see what all the fuss is about. At the start of the tour you have the option of holding one of the baby crocs. I gave some love and stroked the back of this one's head, and in return it tried to bite my finger off! These are not tame animals, and the guide showed us some of his croc-bite scars.

baby crocodile with its mouth wide open

Here's a full-length photo of one of the babies.

baby crocodile at the Crocodile Ranch at Victoria Falls

Feeding time

They seem to spread the feeding of the crocodiles out, so that during each tour they can show crocodiles being fed. We arrived at 10h45 and joined the start of a tour. Here are the crocodiles being fed elephant meat (there's a problem with overpopulation of elephants in Zimbabwe).

Albino crocodiles

Here's an albino crocodile at the Crocodile Ranch. All the albino crocodiles are kept in the same enclosure, to ensure the crocodile children have the same albino skin.

albino crocodile

Crocodiles basking

Crocodiles are the perfect animals for captivity, as they love lying on top of each other (many sport bite marks and have missing fingers and toes from being bitten).

crocodiles basking in the sun


The Crocodile Ranch is also home to iguanas and lions as show animals (unfortuanately the lions do not have enough room to run around in).

iguana at the Crocodile Ranch, Victoria Falls

Stuffed crocodiles

There's a variety of stuffed crocodiles you can purchase. I bet this baby croc never thought he'd end up like this.

stuffed crocodile at the Crocodile Rance at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Getting to the Crocodile Ranch

On the drive to the Crocodile Ranch it's common to see wildlife. Here's some warthog we saw at the side of the road.

warthog on the side of the road at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Crocodile photos

Welcome to our collection of dead stuffed children.

Crocodiles piling on top of each other.

stuffed crocodiles at the Crocodile Ranch in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

crocodiles in captivity

Crocodile face reminds me of a snake.

One of the crocodile pens at the ranch.

crocodile face closeup

crocodile farm - water and crocs

Crocodiles relaxing with their jaws open.

The large crocodile pens are 14 females to a male

crocodiles with their jaws open

large crocodile

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