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Plettenberg Bay

When you see Plettenberg Bay's beauty, it is no surprise that it is South Africa's favourite playground for the rich, with large influxes of Gauteng's wealthy descending during holiday periods.

Plettenberg Bay skydiving

And if it's adventure you're seeking you may also want to visit the nearby Storms River.

Storms River Mouth

Plett by Car

"We visited Plett many years ago and just loved the place.  Our children were between 7 and 15 years old and the trip down by car was very tiring. But Plett made it up for all, lovely beach, lovely scenery and lovely weather. Now all the children are out of the house and we would love to spend our 47th wedding anniversary there and fly down instead of driving down. We would, of course, hire a vehicle there so that we could explore again, just the two of us". Elaine and Tony Hitchcock.

Childhood Memories of Plett

"Every time I visit Plettenberg Bay, I am flooded with childhood memories of our family's adventures there. One particular year, each morning would begin by waking up to an incredible sea breeze and then walking down to the delicious bakery in the Yellowwood Centre for hot, scrumptious croissants. Days were spent lazing around, swimming and playing on Lookout Beach. My sisters and I would splash around in the lagoon, build sandcastles, body board all day and search for magnificent pansy shells. The smell of sunscreen and the taste of cold meat sandwiches immediately transports me back to those days. I will never forget walking at Sunset towards the lagoon when seven majestic flamingoes landed in the ocean ahead of us and then racing back to be refreshed by Rainbow Snow. Dinners were at either the Lookout Deck or being treated to a world-class pizza at Cranzgots. That holiday, Plett became my special place the second that we drove down the hill towards the Beacon Isle and I immediately felt every drop of stress leave my body and disappear. A magical holiday led to a life-long love for Plettenberg Bay holidays and the memories which flow from them." Ryan Davis

Plettenberg Bay Elephant Sanctuary

We are a family of four, love travelling and exploring not only our lovely country but also outside our borders. On a holiday in Plettenberg Bay we came across the Elephant sanctuary, 16 km outside Plettenberg Bay on the Garden route.
We took our children age 9 and 14 there and what a wonderful experience we had! One can hold the elephant's trunk and walk with them, "hand in hand",  touch their bodies/hide, ears and tusks. We were able to feed them oranges cut in half, watch how they drink water and splash water onto their backs to cool down. At an extra cost, one can also ride on the elephants and see the view from a 'new' height!

Elephant Sanctuary at Plettenberg Bay

The elephant sanctuary is very clean, well run and managed. Its very clear that the elephants are well looked after and receive a lot of love and care. After our hands on experience the staff gave us a lesson on elephants, that was very informative and interesting for both adults and children. We were amazed at how friendly and patient  the staff were answering all the guest questions and also ensuring the safety of guests and that the elephants are not abused in any way. It's a wonderful once in a lifetime experience and we can highly recommend a visit to see these majestic animals. Our children couldn't wait for the school to start to show their friends the dvd, (that you can purchase from the curio shop) on their experience to this wonderful elephant sanctuary. Once there's commercial flights to Plettenberg Bay the elephant sanctuary could be an even bigger attraction for tourists visiting Plettenberg Bay.

Plettenberg Bay Airport

Above photo is from a skydiving jump in Plettenberg Bay.

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