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Flora & fauna of Limpopo

Limpopo is in the Savannah biome, an area of mixed grassland and trees, which is generally known as Bushveld. A drive around the province will show you this is tree country!

Limpopo is home to the biggest tree in South Africa, a baobab (Adansonia digitata); the tree is in the Sagole area (and known as the "Sagole Tree" or "Big Tree"), with a circumference of 33m! The tree is protected in a small reservation where one can have a picnic and take one's picture with the tree. Sagole is an area in the beautiful Limpopo valley in what was formerly known as (north) Venda, it lies between the Sagole spa (an interesting place with half a pool and a full bar!) and Nwanedi dam.

Another large baobab is found in Platland, Duiwelskloof and is known as the "platland Tree", this also has a circumference of 33m but is shorter (19m vs the Sagole Tree's hight of 22m).

Limpopo is also home to the tallest tree in South Africa (one of a stand of Eucalyptus saligna trees planted in 1906 by forestry pioneer AJ O'Connor), found in Woodbush Plantation, Haenertsburg.

The largest Matumi tree (Breonadia salicina) in South Africa is found in Amorentia Estate, Bergendal, Letaba District. The second largest Matumi tree in the country is found in Amorentia Estate, Duiwelskloof. Letaba district is also home to the largest cluster fig (Ficus sycomorus) in South Africa; situated in Carthage. The second largest cluster fig tree is found in Excellence, Mica (in Limpopo).

The largest Ana tree (Faidherbia) is found in Kruispad, Ellisras.

The biggest section of the Kruger National Park is situated along the Eastern boundary of Limpopo. The 'Golden Horse Shoe' project aims to create a single reserve that will stretch from Botswana in the West to the Kruger National Park in the east.

Agriculture in Limpopo

The Bushveld is largely cattle country (it is common for controlled hunting to be combined with ranching). Sunflowers, cotton, maize and peanuts are cultivated in the Warmbaths-Nylstroom area. Nylstroom is also known for its table grape crops. Tropical fruit, such as banana, litchi, pineapple, mango and papaya, as well as a variety of nuts, are grown in the Tzaneen and Louis Trichard areas. Extensive tea and coffee plantations create many employment opportunities in the Tzaneen area. Zebediela, one of the largest citrus estates in the country, is situated south of Pietersburg. The largest tomato farm in South Africa lies between Tzaneen and Louis Trichard.

The Limpopo Province produces the 2nd most mangoes of all provinces in South Africa.

The Limpopo has extensive forestry plantations in the Louis Trichardt and Tzaneen districts. Plantations of hard woods for furniture manufacturing have also been established. Many of the rural people practise subsistence agriculture.

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