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Cape Town Cycle Tour Flights & Bicycle Transport | JNB - CPT

Ready to put yourself to the test? The Cape Town Cycle Tour is back on the 8th of March 2020. With as many as 35 000 participants from around the globe each year, flight prices can be steep. You've trained for months on end to prepare for the 109 km race, getting your bicycle (and you!) to Cape Town doesn't have to be an uphill battle. We have all the information you need right here!

As a large number of travellers are flying with their bicycles, airlines usually make special arrangements for the weekend and it is worth keeping a few general rules in mind. For starters, you should budget somewhere between R285 to R400 to fly your bicycle per way and take note of the special packaging requirements for bicycles.

The required boxes can usually be obtained from your local bicycle shop. Bicycle bags are also becoming increasingly popular, but can be an expensive once-off purchase. Extra tires are not allowed as hand baggage, but most airlines will allow you to take up to two cylinders containing carbon dioxide with you (usually in your hand luggage). It is best to check each airline's specific package guidelines though as you don't want to miss something.

When collecting and dropping off your bicycle you need proof of identity, your flight booking reference, proof of payment for the bicycle transport and you limited release tag or waybill (when collecting). Some airlines also require you to sign a 'limited release tag' which indemnifies them of any damage, but as no airline will take responsibility for damage incurred it is always advisable to cover the bicycle under your personal insurance. Please also check which airline rules apply if you are travelling on a code share flight.

Flights listed below depart on Friday, the 6th of March 2020. It is advisable to fly your bike down a few days before you fly to Cape Town to ensure that you can collect it at the airport when you arrive.

Travel Prices from Johannesburg to Cape Town

The following survey shows one-way flights from JNB - CPT (For more information on the airlines that operate on this route click here) on the 6th of March 2020. These airfares were checked on Monday the 17th of February 2020, but all prices are subject to change and there is very limited availability.

Flights from Johannesburg (JNB) to Cape Town (CPT)

FlySafair (Lanseria)

FA317 leaves 19h20 arrives 21h30


FlySafair (OR Tambo)

FA121 leaves 18h45 arrives 20h55


FlySafair (Lanseria)

FA317 leaves 19h20 arrives 21h30


Mango Airline (OR Tambo)

JE149 leaves 16h15 arrives 18h25


Mango Airlines (Lanseria)

JE719 leaves 19h25 arrives 21h40


Kulula Airlines (OR Tambo)

MN465 leaves 17h10 arrives 19h15


Kulula Airline (Lanseria)

MN453 leaves 14h55 arrives 17h00


SA Airways Economy Class (OR Tambo)

SA343 leaves 13h55 arrives 16h00


British Airways Economy Class (OR Tambo)

BA6407 leaves 19h10 arrives 21h20


Transporting Your Bicycle

Mango Airlines:

We've contacted Mango Airlines and they stated that there is currently no specific process in place for the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Their regular bicycle policy will therefore apply, although special requirements regarding the drop-off and pick-up process will likely be communicated to travellers before departure. Travellers should double check these special requirements with the airline.

  • Price: R350* per bicycle and R400* per tandem bicycle paid on their website for a one-way flight. As they only allow a limited number of bicycles on each flight, you need to confirm your bicycle at the time of making your booking.
  • SAA Codeshare passengers: Payment can only be made through the Mango call centre.
  • You need: Proof of payment for transportation of your bike, a booking confirmation and valid proof of identity. For collection of your bicycle you need all of the above including your original air waybill and the limited release tag if travelling from Lanseria.
  • Transport: Guests may be required to drop-off their bicycles at a different location for a special occasion like the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Your bicycle will likely not travel with you on your flight and a seperate service provider will likely contact you to collect your bicycle once it has arrived at your destination.
  • Get all the details here.


These charges and procedures are applicable on bicycles transported to Cape Town from 2 - 7 March and from Cape Town from 8-15 March 2020.
  • Price: R350* per bicycle per way payable at the airport (remember to keep vouchers generated as proof of payment). There is limited space availble on each aircraft, so ensure that you let your travel agent or reservation agent know that you're travelling with a bike at the time of booking your flight.
  • Requirement: Your bicycle transport needs to be confirmed in your booking, otherwise it can only go on standby with the possibility of your bag not making it as it is subject to availability. Your bicycle needs to be securely packed in a special box, with a maximum Out of Gauge (OOG) dimension of 290cm. Boxes have to be clearly marked with your contact details.
  • Drop-off at OR Tambo: Passengers should drop their bicycle off at OR Tambo counter B42 and B43 at least 90-45 minutes prior to departure.
  • Collection in Cape Town: As SAA is trying to ensure that all bicycles travel with the passenger on the same flight, you need to collect your bicycle at the baggage collection area.
  • Drop-off at Cape Town: Check in your bicycle at the check-in counter at least 90-45 minutes before your flight departs.
  • Collecting at OR Tambo: As SAA is trying to ensure that all bicycles travel with the passenger on the same flight, you need to collect your bicycle at the baggage collection area.
  • Get all the details here.


  • Their regular bicycle policy applies to all bicycles transported before, during and after the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
  • Price: R285* per bicycle per way transported as sports equipment.
  • Drop-off: Bicycles should be checked in no later than 3 hours prior to departure at the check-in desk.
  • Collection in Cape Town: Bicycles will be treated as regular luggage and should thus be collected from the baggage collection area.
  • Returning with your bicycle: Be sure to check your bicycle in at least 90 minutes prior to departure at the check-in desk and collect your bicycle from the baggage collection area.
  • As there are a limited number of bicycles that can be accommodated on each flight, it is advisable to contact their call centre and check for availability on your flight before you book. Be sure to then secure your bicycle by paying the additional fees as soon as possible to ensure that it doesn't stay behind.
  • You can find more details here and here.


These charges and procedures are applicable on bicycles transported to Cape Town for the Cape Town Cycle Tour before the 8th of March 2020.
  • Price: R370* per bicycle per way booked through their call centre by credit card only. Only 20 bikes will be accepted per flight, so book sooner rather than later. Book your bike by phoning them on 0861 585852 to confirm and pay for your bike handling fee, which must be done before your departure.
  • You need: A bike-handling fee receipt will be emailed to you and you need it, along with a valid proof of identity, in order to drop-off and collect your bicycle. You will also need to sign a limited release tag stating that Comair doesn't take any responsibility for loss or damage to your bicycle.
  • Drop-off: All bicycles will be processed at the airport check-in desk and then handed in at a demarcated area which will be pointed out to you.
  • Collection in Cape Town: Allowing 15-45 minutes, bikes must be collected at the Oversized Baggage / “Out-of-Gauge” (OOG) next to Carousel 6 of the arrivals hall.
  • Get all the details here.
  • Alternative arrangements can also be made with BidAir Cargo, but they set their own fees.

British Airways operated by Comair :

    We weren't able to get up-to-date information regarding this year's arrangements in time for this newsletter. If we do receive the necessary information before the race, we will update this newsletter.
  • Previous years their bicycle transport started from R350* and had to be arranged with BidAir. We suggest you contact the airline for up-to-date information.
*Prices are for one-way flights and are subject to change. We have done our best to ensure that all the information above is up to date and correct, relying on airline documents and communication from the airline where necessary. We however refer you to the relevant pages where possible to get all the details and advise you confirm the above with the airline at the time of making your booking.

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