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Emirates Airlines | Europe Sale

Discover Europe's magic for yourself with affordable Emirates flights! Book by and travel on selected dates until the 31st of January 2020. This excludes the peak travel period between 16 December and 6 January 2020. Flight prices quoted below are from Johannesburg, but discounted prices are also available from Durban and Cape Town. Destinations on sale includes Paris, Rome and Madrid among others.

Return International Flights

Flights from Johannesburg: Price From:
Paris R8,179*
Venice R7,833*
Athens R7,836*
Istanbul R8,077*
Milan R8,043*
Madrid R8,021*
Munich R8,275*
Rome R7,661*
Frankfurt R8,542*

* Flight prices are subject to change and availability. Flight prices includes South Africa Travel Online's online booking fee and is available on our website.

"Take off was intriguing, I was fascinated by the decreasing size of all things that made me feel minute as our altitude increased. We were flying economy class but the service was first class. The flight attendants were professional,  friendly, polite and helpful. They were efficient in providing their service and spoke to all passengers with a smile and patience. The entertainment on the aeroplane catered for all people. There were cartoons from Disney Channel for children, popular TV series episodes for young females, action movies for the males and soapies for those who love a twist to their stories. Three meals were provided throughout the course of the flight which made my mothers food taste like that of a high school boarding house. Beverages both hot and cold were being offered and they too catered for the young and old. We were all provided with pillows, socks and fleece blankets to ensure that we had a peaceful rest in our seats. ."Wame

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“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber
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