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Everyday is a Mango Happy Day

In a Mango festive season first, the low cost airline has decided to spread the joy over two weeks! This week's Mango Happy Day sale will be available until the 21st of December 2015. With discounts on flights from the 15th of December 2015 until the 29th of February 2016, it is the perfect time to book your back to school flights.

Mango Happy Day Sale.

Prices start from R449* on selected flights and is an average of R200 cheaper than last week. Please do bear in mind that flight availability over the holiday period is incredibly limited. Therefore it is better to book sooner, rather than later!

Cheapest 1-way Flight Prices

* Please remember that there is as always very limited availability for the flights listed below. Prices may also have changed even by the time you read this newsletter. For the sale prices and the most up to date availability please check the Mango website.

Mango Happy Day sale.


Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - George from R625.00* (R174 cheaper than last week-only available in January 2016)


Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - Port Elizabeth from R625.00* (R174 cheaper than last week)


Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - Durban from R449.00* (R250 cheaper than last week)


Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - Cape Town from R725.00* (R240 cheaper than last week)


Lanseria - Cape Town from R699.00* (R266 cheaper than last week)


Cape Town - Lanseria from R649.00* (R210 cheaper than last week)


Cape Town - Durban from R725.00* (R240 cheaper than last week)


Bloemfontein - Cape Town from R725.00* (R240 cheaper than last week)


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"I had a sudden urge to travel to Joburg for my June holiday. I wanted to visit my family and to explore Joburg, because I have never seen it before. I'm a university student and studies had taken a toll on me and I needed a break. I was a little low on the budget and seeked an airline who would not throw my entertainment money for Joburg way out. I used Mango airlines. It was a return flight from Cape Town and to Joburg. I chose Mango, because they have a good reputation amongst my peers and they aren't as costly as their competitors. They departed on time! I had such a wonderful flight to Joburg, it was my first time on a plane ,so I was very excited. I got to sit next to the window. Where I saw the beautiful blue sky, the land below and the well structured wing of the plane. The airhostesses were professional and so helpful. I'm very claustrophobic, but the seating space is quite roomy and it didnt unsettle me at all. I made a few friends on my return flight, who I still keep in contact with today. I had a great time with Mango, so I would definitely use them the next time I fly."??????

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