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Mango Happy Day Sale Now On! Happy DAY!

The Mango Happy Day Sale has started once again. The sale takes place from 09h00 today, 29 October 2014, and runs until 9pm on the 30 October 2014. The travel period for this sale is on selected flights from the 29th of October 2014 until the 30th of November 2014.

This weeks prices are higher than last weeks Happy Day Sale prices. Most prices are R26 more expensive while the Lanseria to Cape Town route is only R25 more expensive this week than last. Prices will be increasing over the next few weeks and months as we approach the festive season. More people are travelling which means that demand is higher and we all know that airfares spike when demand is high. With school and university holidays fast approaching we advise our clients to book flights sooner rather than later because the sooner you book the cheaper your ticket will be. There was very limited availability on all of the routes, we could only find one or two days with Happy Day Sale prices on a couple of the routes. Availability won’t last long so start buying! :)

Cheapest 1-way Flight Prices

*To avoid being disappointed after reading this newsletter, please note that there is very limited availability for all the below airfares, and that prices may have changed even by the time you read this. Check whether the below fares are still available on your preferred dates at Mango.

OR Tambo - Durban from R725.00* or 12500 Voyager Miles (R26 more than last week).

OR Tambo - Cape Town from R1035.00* or 19500 Voyager Miles (R26 more than last week).

Cape Town - Durban from R1025.00* or 19000 Voyager Miles (R26 more than last week).

Bloemfontein - Cape Town not available on Happy Day Sale this week.

Lanseria - Cape Town from R904.00* or 17500 Voyager Miles (R25 more than last week).

Cape Town - Lanseria from R965.00* or 17500 Voyager Miles (R26 more than last week).

OR Tambo - George not available on Happy Day Sale this week.

Durban - OR Tambo from R725.00* or 12500 Voyager Miles (R26 more than last week).

Durban - Cape Town form R1025.00* or 19500 Voyager Miles (R26 more than last week).

Cape Town - Port Elizabeth from R875.00* or 16000 Voyager Miles (was not available last week).

Port Elizabeth - Cape Town from R875.00* or 16000 Voyager Miles (was not available last week).

Pick of the week is the Durban to OR Tambo Route at only R725.00*.

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"Easter is a time where one would like to be with their families and for a student such as myself, it's not always possible to find an affordable flight in such a short space of time. However I've heard greatly about low flight costs that Mango had been offering and well by past experience from flying with Mango before, I knew it was no rumour. I immediately told my father (he always makes my bookings) to book with Mango. In the back of my mind I was also doubtful because Easter is a time for price hikes, and I would need a return all the way back to Cape Town from Johannesburg. When I received my flight details, I was excited and overwhelmed. I remember the Thursday of the 17th of April, rushing to the Cape Town airport frantically, afraid I'd miss my flight. But I made it! As I walked in, looking at my surroundings, I was again pleased with Mango. The seat was comfortable, the people were friendly. The air hostesses made sure everyone was secure and they made the safety rules clear to us. The catering was also excellent and they had a variety of beverages to select from. Finally, after some time of talking to the person next to me and sleeping for a while, I arrived at O.R Tambo International.. I was glad to be home and I had no complaints of my journey there. For me, Mango was a 5 out 5, and I was definitely looking forward to my return flight on the 20th :) This would be the voyage to yet another remarkable experience! Rating5/5" -

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