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South Africa Travel Online logo Delta Airlines has landed themselves in hot water. They had to quickly apologise to Ghana after posting a picture of a Giraffe on twitter alongside the Statue of Liberty. This came after Ghana was defeated by the US in the current Fifa World Cup. People took offence saying that Delta used racial stereotyping by using this image. They forgot about the fact that Ghana does not have any Giraffes or they simply did not bother to even look it up.

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Potential for new flights from Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria to CPT


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Happy Day Sale at Mango!

Mango Happy Day Sale has kicked off today. The sale starts at 09h00 on the 24th of June and ends at 21h00 on the 25th of June 2014 or when availability runs out, depending on which happens first. Travel period for this sale is on selected flights from the 24th of June to the 31st of August 2014.

*Please note that prices may have changed even by the time you read this. Take a look on the Mango website to see if these airfares are still available.


Cheapest 1-way Flight Prices

*Please note that there is very limited availability for all of the flights listed below, and that the prices may have changed even by the time you read this. For the most current airfares and availability, please check the  Mango website.

CPT- OR Tambo from R910.00* or 16,500 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

Lanseria - CPT from R825.00* or 17,000 Voyager Miles (R70 cheaper than last week).

CPT- Durban from R905.00* or 16,500 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

JHB - George from R875.00* or 16,000 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

Pick of the week is the Lanseria to CPT flight that is priced at a low R825.00*

Read more about Mango Airline Specials.

"On the 20th March I had to travel to Mpumalanga due to a family emergency. I booked my flight and I might say it was lovely experience. The SAA airlink departed at 10-00 am and by 12am I was in Mpumalanga and it just made it simply for me to rush straight to hospital to see my Mom before her operation. On the 22nd March again I used your services to book my flight from Mpumalanga to Port Elizabeth. SAA airlink's 45 minutes to JHB was a fresh breeze. And connecting to PE was incredible. SAA's three course meal was awesome. This website is reliable and simply, it takes away any stress arrangements for my flights, cause the payments are processed accurately. The amount for flights and for the agency are deducted separately on my account so, its easy to see all the transactions and the email confirmation is sent straight away. The checking in is so simply and I have not had any problems until today. Looking forward to my Easter bookings. And receiving such emails from you guys makes my day, cause it feels there is a family out ther that cares for me when im travelling."

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Prices subject to change, perhaps even by the time you read this. Errors & omissions occur from time to time

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