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Travel vouchers on House Sales | 5.3% Transfer fee increase on 27 May 2024

Over the last 2 months we have been enjoying giving out travel vouchers for clients who ask us to assist wtih their house sales.

However, we have just received notice that conveyancing fees are increasing by 5.3% on the 27th May 2024.

If you are considering selling your house, we urge you to get a quote for the house sale/transfer before the 27th May, so that you lock in the lower rates.

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Transfer attorney fees increase from 27 May 2024

There are numerous fees and costs involved in the transfer process, and you should request a quote above to see them, but a key fee is that "for all work in connection with obtaining registration of transfer of immovable property in any manner not specifically mentioned elsewhere in this guideline, the recommended fee be":

  • Value of property R100,000 or less:
    Fee is R6,435 (was R6,110)
    A 5.3% increase
  • Value of property is R500,000:
    Fee is R14,635 (was R13,910)
    A 5.2% increase
  • Value of property is R1,000,000:
    Fee is R24,560 (was R23,335)
    A 5.2% increase
  • Value of property is R5,000,000:
    Fee is R64,260 (was R61,035)
    A 5.3% increase
  • Value of property is R10,000,000:
    Fee is R89,260 (was R84,785)
    A 5.3% increase
  • An additional transfer attorney fee of R5000 is applicable for each additional R1m value of property above R10m

Usiing travel vouchers

Use your travel vouchers to discount any bookings made through SA Travel Online up to 30 June 2025 – from car hire to hotels, hot air balloon flights, bus trips and more!

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