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Giving R000's away in travel vouchers on 2024 House Sales! | In exchange for conveyancing work

So far all the travel vouchers we've given away have been over R2500. To remind: this a limited time offer only for those who are selling their houses in the rest of 2024.You have to appoint somebody to do the conveyancing on your house, but if you work through our partners, you'll get 10 percent of the attorney transfer fees back in the form of travel vouchers.

Here's how it works:

  1. Join the free legal newsletter by April 30, 2024.
  2. Book a conveyancing attorney through our partners to assist with your property sale by 30 Apr 2024, quoting promo code "SATOProperty10" (it doesn't matter if the property is only sold later, the key is to decide who will do the conveyancing in April)..

Use your travel vouchers to discount any bookings made through SA Travel Online up to 30 June 2025 – from car rentals to accommodation, hot air ballooning, intercity bus trips and more!

House with sold sign and hot air balloon in the sky with a person in it

Joining this free legal newsletter  in April not only keeps you informed of South African legal matters, but also ensures you're eligible for this fantastic offer.

How much will the travel vouchers be?

Enter the likely sale price of your property into the property transfer costs calculator, and check what the "Transfer Attorney Fees" are; multiply transfer attorney fees by 10 percent to see what your travel vouchers will be. These will be earned when the property is eventual sold and the conveyancing done.

Are you a visionary Estate Agent & want to partner with us?

We are looking for forward-thinking property agents who are interested in partnering with us and helping us improve our travel offerings on property sales. Email to say hello.

Are you a leading-edge Attorney & want to join as a partner?

We are looking for leading-edge attorneys who are interested in partnering with us on similar initiatives to this one. Please email to make contact and see whether you're a fit.

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World first: Earn Travel Vouchers for House Transfers

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