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Emirates Airline have revealed that the top 5 cities from which people are flying to Africa, are Dubai, London, Beijing, Guangzhou & Mumbai - interesting that 2 of the top 5 are in China.

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Triple header today : Mango Happy Day Sale + Emirates Sale + Aviation Career Day.

Mango Happy Day Sale to May 2014

We're back to Wednesdays for Mango Airlines happy day sales :) It's a double-header for the airline today, as there's also a Mango Airlines career day in Cape Town (see below). The sale runs from 9am on the 26th of March 2014 (didn't pick up the end date at time of going to press, but it usually runs for 36 hours). We're happy to report that cheapest airfares remain fairly stable since last week, both in terms of Rand prices and Voyager Mile prices (and Bitcoin prices - if you want to buy like that we'll make a plan!). If you're looking for a way to try increase your Voyager Miles then check out yesterday's newsletter which showed 3 SAA Voyager Mile competitions ending on the 31st March 2014.

Mango Airlines plane parked at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg

Once again Edgars Club members could start booking the sale an hour before everybody else. If you haven't got an Edgars card, this is what you're missing seeing - all those lovely 10% off signs. (note that prices may well have changed from the below). Not only do you get the benefit of the Happy Day Sale, but also the 10% off on other dates (remember to use your Edgars card number to secure the discount, but your normal credit card to pay, so as to avoid the 8% charge).

Cheapest 1-way flights on Sale

Here's the cheapest 1-way flights that were available on a very limited number of dates & times only, up to the end of May 2014. This is not an offer from South Africa Travel Online, merely the observation of & relaying of information. *It's entirely probable that airfares have changed, perhaps even by the time you read this (or that we made a mistake whilst setting this up - yes, we'll be the first to admit that we're human and that happens sometimes). Check current airfares at Mango (and find terms & conditions there).

  • Flights from OR Tambo International Airport to Cape Town International from R975* or 18,000 Voyager Miles (same as last week). All flights are sold out on the 17th of April 2014 (the 18th is the Good Friday public holiday and Monday the 21st is the Family Day public holiday).

  • Flights from BFN to Cape Town from R835* or 15,000 Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from Lanseria to Cape Town International from R760* or 15,500 SAA Voyager Miles (Rand price is R5 up, Voyager fare remains the same as last week).

  • Cape Town to Lanseria from R865.01 or 15,500 Voyager Miles (even though CPT to HLA is more expensive than HLA to CPT in Rands, in Voyager Miles it's the same price. So, use your Voyager Miles to pay for your CPT to HLA leg, and pay Rands for the HLA to CPT leg).

  • Flights from OR Tambo International Airport to King Shaka from R610* (same as last week) or 10,000 Voyager Miles.

  • Flights from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth Airport from R995* or 18,500 SAA Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from JNB to GRJ from R885* or 16,000 South African Airways Voyager Miles (same as last week).

  • Flights from JNB International to Port Elizabeth Airport from R995* or 18,500 Voyager Miles (same as last week). All flights sold out on the 18th April (Good Friday).

There is a bit of an art to deciding whether to use Voyager Miles for Mango or SAA (click through link to see our analysis).

Our pick of the week are the Mango flights from Lanseria to Cape Town from R760*.

Emirates 20% off Sale ends Today

The Emirates 20% off sale ends today. There's 20% off the base fare on selected flights for travel until the 30th June 2014. Click here to book. There are flights on special:

  • from Johannesburg to Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bangkok (Thailand), Dubai (UAE), Dublin (Ireland), Guangzhou (China), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Lisbon (Portugal), London (both Gatwick & Heathrow Airports), Melbourne (Australia), New York (United States), Paris (France), Perth (Australia) & Seoul (South Korea).

  • from Cape Town to Milan (Italy), New York (US), Paris (France) & Perth (Australia)

  • from Durban to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), London (UK), New York (United States of America), Paris (France) & Perth (Australia).

Emirates airline plane

Mango Airlines Career Day

Have you got ambitions to become a cabin crew member, pilot or even work on aircraft maintenance (a very important job). There's a Mango Airlines career day today (the 26th March) and tomorrow in Athlone, Cape Town - South African Airways and SAA Technical will also be there. It's at the Ned Doman High School from 09h00 until 16h00. 

Want to make history & become the first person to buy a flight in Bitcoins? Email to let us know which airline you'd choose & why.

Air France & South Africa review: After St. Lucia, we went to Salt Rock, near to Dolphin Coast and north from Durban. We stayed here in the Saffron House, a lovely place with a great owner. We went to the beach and took some surfing lessons in Durban. 
We passed the stadium but didn't really visit Durban, because that was discouraged as of the criminality. Safety is one of the things we worried about when we thought about Africa, but we didn't feel unsafe during our whole holiday (except when we encoutered a hippo right in front of our appartment at the resort in Hazyview). From the coast, we drove to the Drakensberg, where we stayed one night at Cathkin Cottage, just to attend a performance of the Drakensberg Boys Choir, which is really nice. We took the Canopy Tour and enjoyed the nature. We stayed two other days in Ardmore, at the guest farm. Also a beautiful place to be. We brought some teddy's and balloons from the Netherlands to give to children. We visited the Isibani Community Center, where we gave our stuff away at the day care. We played with the children and listened to the stories of the volunteers working there.

After that wonderful experience, we went to the Spioenkop Nature Reserve for a game drive by horse. We didn't see much animals, but the riding was fun. The next day we travelled to our last accommodation, Glen Reenen Rest Camp, in the middle of the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. The mountains and rocks have the most incredible shapes and colours here. We enjoyed the nature and did a hike. We felt very sorry to go back to Joburg to fly back to Europe. We stayed almost 4 weeks in South Africa and saw a lot, but holidays are always to short. We enjoyed our last glimpse of Africa while driving to the airport. We boarded a night flight from Air France/KLM again.

When flying over the equator, we had a lot of turbulence, which was quite annoying, but the flight was good. In Paris our plane to Amsterdam was delayed, but that didn’t matter at all. We would rate the airline with 4 out of 5 stars. We are already missing the country of South Africa and would love to go back once!

Frank Barten

Three Rondawels in Mpumalanga

Attractive flight deals from South Africa Travel Oline

Prices subject to change, perhaps even by the time you read this. Errors & omissions occur from time to time

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The bottom line: Only Air Botswana operates direct flights from Cape Town to Maun - the flights are scheduled to take 160 minutes in BAe146 planes. If you have time on your hands have a look at the 1-stop flights via Johannesburg, as they're often cheaper.

Analysis of Kulula September 2014 airfares - the only public holiday in September 2014 is Heritage Day on the 24th of September, which falls on a Wednesday. This is generalising and the commentary differs from route to route, but the flight prices are fairly level over the month, other than around the public holiday (where interestingly enough, the 25th is sometimes cheaper) and on Fridays.

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