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Book a flight nowCompetition : 2 SA Express Flights up for Grabs

Here's how it works - we have 2 SA Express return flights up for grabs, on any domestic South African route they fly to (valued at R8400). We will give the tickets to one lucky winner. To enter:

  • write about your favourite holiday in East London, Port Elizabeth or Nelspruit/Kruger

Email your entry to (if it involved a flight be sure to write about it) by 14 December 2013.

SA Express offers flights from Johannesburg to East London, PE and Nelspruit. And with the price war on at the moment, there's some really reasonable airfares out there.

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There will be a number of additional ways of getting more entries into the competition, which we will reveal in due course. Any dispute regarding the competition or its prize will be resolved at the sole discretion of South Africa Travel Online.

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Since we're starting a new competition today, it's appropriate that we announce the winner of the My First Flight competition. Congratulations to Tammy & Lee Walker on winning a R500 cruise voucher, which can be used on new cruise bookings with SouthAfrica.TO. Here's their entry:

"My first flight was to Canada in 1963 as we were immigrating to Toronto with our good friends, Carol & Mike. This entailed quite a few propeller plane trips - Bulawayo (in then Rhodesia) to Johannesburg. Johannesburg to Barcelona, Spain, then to Luxembourg, then London for a few days and finally Toronto! It was such a BIG deal if anyone was undertaking a trip of this magnitude in those days, that the newspaper did an article on us that included a picture. I vividly remember the huge cathedral in Barcelona, which was obscured by scaffolding, for renovations. I was amazed to learn that they are STILL working on the cathedral after all this time! The language barrier in Spain was quite something to be reckoned with! As our husbands were both very tall and muscular, the Spanish guys at one of their pubs, insisted that they must be 'All Blacks' rugby players, wanting to travel incognito. To appease them, our husbands just went along with it. Needless to say, they got the royal treatment, and all their beers were on the house! Not being drinkers, Carol & I decided to do some shopping, as the stores were open at night. Our husbands escorted us to the main street (before returning to the pub) and suggested that we meet 3 hours later under the corner street sign marked 'Petones,' and off they went. At the specified time Carol & I started walking to 'Petones' only to discover that every corner had a sign marked 'Petones'! We stood on a corner that looked like the correct corner for 90 minutes, and our husband's were "no shows." Eventually we hailed a taxi to take us back to our hotel. The guys literally rolled in several hours later. We never got to the bottom of whether the 'Petones' error was intentional or unintentional! We later discovered that 'Petones' (not sure of spelling) meant a Pedestrian crossing! Luxembourg was drab and unexciting, but London was everything, and more than we could ever have imagined". Tammy & Lee.

W Barcelona Hotel

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