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Johannesburg to Chicago
Return Flight
Departures 17 and 31 Jan 2014. Cruise to Portuguese Island on the luxurious MSC Opera.
Discount - 50% | Save R2,389 pps.
3 night cruise departing Durban.
P.E. Holiday
Jet around in a Citroen C1
4 seater, AC
3 to 12 Jan 2014 Pickup from P.E.
MSC Opera at sea

From R7610*

R3,090* pps - Inside cabin
R3,590* pps - Outside cabin
R3,990* pps - Balcony cabin


*Subject to change. Very limited.

*Subject to change. Limited availability. Price includes port charges,service fees and insurance.

*Subject to change. Limited availability

Qatar Airways 4-Day Global Promotion

We don't usually send out 2 newsletters in a day, but when a flight special is this good our hand is forced! For 4 days, Qatar Airways are offering savings of up to 25% on economy and business class flights. Here are some of the amazing flight prices we found:

Johannesburg to Chicago from  R7610* (e.g. leave 1 Nov, return 11 Nov)

Qatar Airways flight specials for ECONOMY CLASS FARES (do not expect to find these flights on all dates - very limited availability)


From Cape Town

From Johannesburg


R 5,406

R 5,476


R 6,809

R 5,949


R 7,901

R 7,691


R 6,200

R 6,000

Hong Kong

R 7,143

R 6,093


R 4,675

R 4,655

Kuala Lumpur

R 6,990

R 6,770

London Heathrow

R 6,885

R 6,585


R 8,627

R 9,687


R 5,961

R 5,681

Note that all these flight prices are subject to change, perhaps even by the time you read this. The longer you take to book the greater the chance fo fares changing. They were not available on all dates either, when we checked, so scout around to look for them. Especially look in November. Terms and conditions apply.

Book at Qatar Air

The Purple Shall Rule!

"My first flight was on a Russian made Air liner operated by Malev the Hungarian Airline. The year was 1957 or 1958, just after the Hungarian uprising. We were sent by our company in Sweden to finish some construction work at an Hungarian Paper Mill in Budapest. Somewhere over Germany one of the Engines starting to burn ( Propeller Engine ). The Pilot shut the engine down and we reached Budapest without any problems. However, being a first time flyer, needless to say, there was a considerable pleat in my seat when we landed." Per Allan

"For me, being from a very poor background, only having a privilege of riding donkeys, was an experience far beyond my dreams. I was on the flight from Maseru to Swaziland for my tertiary studies. Luckily I was sitting by the window, and I remember failing to hold my tears as I looked down bellow and see houses being reduced to tiny objects as we flew higher & higher! For a village boy who only saw planes fly by, and suddenly becoming a passenger in one, oh! It wasn't the smoothest of the flights as the weather was not so good, but believe me, I was saying even if anything could happen (the worst of course) I would be the happiest for I would be seeing my Lord in a plane! After all, I was nearer to Him already, up above the clouds. Lol!" Chabatsane

Some my first flight stories from our Facebook page.

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The bottom line: Passengers cruising to Mozambique need to have passports. Fortunately, no visas are required for citizens of SADC countries.

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