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Test your Travel Knowledge: Which low cost carrier starts flights to South africa on Frday? (answer is in the bottom line).

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Bangkok Holiday
Flights + 5* Hotel Included.
5 nights in November. Get away to do your Christmas Shopping

Bangkok Holiday
Flights + 3* Hotel Included.
5 nights in November. Get away to do your Christmas Shopping

Weekend Special
Hire a Toyota Yaris
5 seater, AC
15 - 17 Nov 2013 Pickup from O.R. Tambo

R9,999* pps from JNB
R11,999* pps from CPT

R7,999* pps from JNB
R9,699* pps from CPT


*Treat as rough estimate, as prices subject to change & airfares at time of booking. Very Limited availability. Excludes transfers.

*Treat as rough estimate, as prices subject to change & airfares at time of booking. Very Limited availability. Excludes transfers.

*Subject to change. Limited availability

Holiday in Bangkok

You don't have to be able to pronounce Suvarnabhumi Airport to fly to Bangkok :)   How about a pre-December Christmas shopping spree, then once you've got that our of your system go on a bicycle tour of the countryside. If you enjoy Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) you'll be in heaven. Visit a Budhist Temple, practice meditation, and go for a Thai Massage.

With the plethora of street shops food, is never far away in Bangkok - and you don't have to snack on the insects! Dinner cruises are a fun touristy way of eating.

Travel tip: keep an eye out for scammers. Phone 1155, the tourist police, if you get into trouble.

On the outskirts of Bangkok is Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo.

tigers at Samphran Zoo


The Purple Shall Rule!

The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West provided the ideal setting for a weekend away to the Western Cape for the Annual Convention of the Islamic Medical Association. With the “Cape Doctor” in all its glory, it was impossible to venture outdoors initially. However the ambiance of the Hotel together with its helpful staff and a gloriously lit fire place compensated for the atrocious Cape weather. When the gloom finally lifted on the Saturday evening of 21 September 2013, the stunning sight of the snow capped Heldelberg Mountains greeted the delegates. A gentle Sunday morning run from Somerset West to Strand proved therapeutic and invigorating. Gordon’s Bay, with the snow capped Heldelberg Mountains in the background, was simply picturesque.   The ever smiling and helpful staff at the hotel went beyond their call of duty in ensuring a memorable stay. The maintenance manager’s skill in ensuring that my digital watch continued to function was simply amazing. In addition the honesty of Shani in retrieving and safe keeping my lost cellphone restored my faith in honesty, which sadly is lacking, in our country. The drive to Hermanus on the Monday was memorable as was the whale watching. This rich coastal resort was buzzing with activity and the acquisition of fresh honey, from a huge jar in the speciality honey shop, was sweetness personified.  Mohamed

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The bottom line: On Friday, the 18th October 2013, fastjet commences flights between Dar es Salaam and Johannesburg. In the process it will become the first low cost carrier to operate flights to South Africa, which include no "free" hold luggage.

First Car Rental's parent company, CMH, has appointed its first new Chairman since its inception in 1976. Congratulations to JTM Edwards on taking over from Maldwyn Zimmerman.

Mango Airlines have redesigned their homepage booking engine, discarding the greyish background in favour of all orange.

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