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Zanzibar Package Holiday.
15 to 19 October.
Stay at popular Twisted Palms Lodge on the beach (2* basic & relaxing).
Flights from JNB included.
Airport Transfers Included.

Zanzibar Package Holiday.
15 to 19 October.
Stay at The Swahili House in Zanzibar Town, 500m from Stonetown Beach.
Flights from JNB included.
Airport Transfers included.
Zanzibar Package Holiday
15 to 19 October
Stay at Waridi Beach Resort (4*).
Includes flights from JNB & airport transfers.
Twisted Palms Lodge
The Swahili House in Zanzibar Town Waridi Beach Resort in Zanzibar




*Subject to change. Limited availability

*Subject to change. Limited availability

*Subject to change. Limited availability

The dates looked at above are the cheapest we could find. If you ask for quotes on other dates it will be more expensive.

Mango Happy Days Limited Sale

Mango Airlines are running a Happy Days Sale on selected flights up to the 28th of February 2014. The special ends at 9pm on the 2nd October or until sold out, whichever happens first. It's first-come-first-served and there are only a limited number of seats available. The sale has already started so prices could already have changed. Book at Mango.

Best airfares:

  • OR Tambo to PE from R829* 1-way

  • PE to OR Tambo from R829* 1-way

  • Cape Town to Bloem from R799* 1-way

  • Bloem to Cape Town from R799* 1-way

  • Cape Town to PE from R899* 1-way

  • PE to Cape Town from R899* 1-way

  • Cape Town to Lanseria from R799* 1-way

  • Lanseria to Cape Town from R699* 1-way (nice deal!)

  • Cape Town to Durban from R899* 1-way

  • Durban to Cape Town from R899* 1-way

  • OR Tambo to Durban from R595* 1-way (nice deal!)

  • Durban to OR Tambo from R595* 1-way (great deal!)

  • OR Tambo to Cape Town from R825* 1-way

  • Cape Town to OR Tambo from R825* 1-way

Terms and Conditions:

  • Limited seats available on selected flights on a first come, first served basis.

  • No group bookings on promotional fares.

  • Refunds must be submitted in writing to

  • Subject to Mango's Terms and Conditions

  • Excludes Special Events (Friday return Sunday), and peak flights

Mango Airlines plane parked at Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg

The Purple Shall Rule!

We were on the way to Padova, when to my surprise, we suddenly stopped, and I turned to establish what was happening. One of the guys, had spotted cherry trees in the nearby distance and was intent on going and gathering some cherries. So Pedro and Artur got out the car, and to my complete surprise, walked a little distance back before, venturing into the bushing environment. There in between the bushes and the grapevines, someone had spotted cherries, and before I knew it, they were picking as many cherries as they could. Then they soon rushed back to the car, where they emptied the cherries onto their laps, and began to celebrate their achievement. Yes, this really struck me as soo unique and uncharacteristic of Rizwana – to stop on the side of the road, whilst someone runs into the bush and takes cherries of the trees. I was quite entertained by the whole idea. Back on the road, we soon got lost on our way to Padova, and needed to stop and ask for directions. We stopped next to a black CRV, and asked these Italian men for directions – each dressed in black, with black sunglasses. I personally thought of them, as the Italian mafia. They directed us appropriately, and we soon were on our way to Padova. When we arrived in Padova, the sun was setting, so we quickly made our way to the town centre to walk around and admire the buildings. Yes, Padova had a lovely vibe to it – not too touristy, but still lovely and entertaining. Here, I had a waffle and chocolate, as we loitered around the main square, admiring the buildings, posing for pictures, and yes, this town also had Roman ruins, which we passed along the way. We soon decided to leave Padova. We got very lost, needed to stop at several places to ask for directions, and well I know that we finally reached Ljubljana around 3 am in the morning. We drove directly to Bezigrad, where Artur and I got off to go to the dorms, and the last photograph which I took, was the one where the guys bunched their fingers together and moved theirs wrists up and down, so as to imitate the hand gestures which Italians are known for.


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