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Get your free bubbly and canapés when you book any of the Durban cruise specials listed below - this week only.

5 Most Popular Durban Cruises

Usually we give away free goodies on the expensive cruises, but this week is different. Since it's school holidays and has a public holiday in it, we figure that if you're still reading your emails you deserve a break. So, we identified the 5 most popular cruises from Durban, and are throwing in a bottle of J.C Le Roux Le Domaine per cabin booked, to get the party started (now, where is the DJ?). We'll also include a tray of cold canapés (10 pieces). We're only including the JC le Roux & canapes for new bookings made this week, and only for subscribers to this newsletter.

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Cruises listed below are eligible for the JC Le Roux & fares are per person sharing for the cheapest cabin.



Brochure Rate


Price from:

SI03 - MSC Sinfonia Durban, Portuguese Island, Durban

4-7 Dec 2013



R5,089* pps

OP23 MSC Opera - Durban, Portuguese Island, Durban

31 Jan-3 Feb 2014



R3,767* pps

OP47 - MSC Opera Durban, Cape Town

25-28 Apr 2014



R2,479* pps

OP38 - MSC Opera Durban, Portuguese Island, Inhambane

24-28 Mar 2014



R4,059* pps

OP44 - MSC Opera Durban, Maputo, Portuguese Island

14-18 Apr 2014



R3,809* pps

*The prices above are per person sharing, based on 2 adults sharing a cabin and include insurance, port fees, service fees, meals, accommodation and entertainment. Prices only guaranteed once a booking has been made and terms and conditions pertaining to the booking are met.  Prices are subject to availability of cabin category and change. (E&OE.)

MSC Sinfonia

Terms and Conditions

Only valid for cruise bookings made from 23 to 28 September 2013.
One free package per cabin booked.
Only applicable to cruises listed above.

For assistance, contact one of our helpful cruise consultants on cruises@southafrica.to or call us on 021-531-7453.


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SAA cancelled some Johannesburg to Hong Kong flights yesterday because of Tropical Cyclone Usagi. It's recommended that you phone 0861 606 606 before your flight.

Tourism Radio audio travel guides are free of charge with any Hertz car rentals from Hertz at Cape Town International Airport.

Up to the 13th October 2013 if you book Qatar Airways business class for flights up to the 18th December 2013, you can save up to 20%, + you stand a chance of winning one of 3 business class tickets, + if you're a Privilege Club member you get to earn double qmiles.

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After requesting a few photographs with the car to show the team, we were soon off, to the fair town of VERONA! I remember, Eduardo outside the camping telling me to punch him. So I asked him to tighten his stomach muscles, and when I punched him full force – he exclaimed that he had not expected that from a small little girl – I smiled at myself, and thought, hey, perhaps I haven't lost touch of my karate skills. Today, we planned to do the town of Verona, as well as Padova. We arrived shortly in the town of Verona, and quickly looked for a tourist information spot. There we were given maps, and directed to various places to visit. We first passed a large Roman amphitheatre, and based on my past experience, as soon as we passed a souvenir shop, I quickly bought a magnet and a few postcards. We decided not to go with the crowds into the amphitheatre, but continued along the streets of Verona towards the Balcony of Juliet. Along the way, you can see that Verona has become a popular tourist destination, by the amount of curio shops, vendors, street artists and tourist buses. A street artists that caught my attention was a man, who held another man on three balls – one on top of the other; another man sat on a slim pole – held by another; and another artist who painted his face and entertained crowds behind a cradle, dressed as a baby. Yes, I separated from the group in these crowds and what I liked about this group, was that when one member was missing, they stopped walking, and looked around for the person – holding their hands up for the missing person to see. This came across to me as a very team spirited action. Finally we reached Juliet's Balcony, and it was surrounded by hundreds of tourists. We walked around, as I did some souvenir shopping, posed for a few photographs, looked at the graffiti on a nearby wall, left by the millions of tourists, before deciding to move on. Outside, you would also notice shops with names with "Julietto". We then proceeded to walk along the streets of Verona, passing many churches and architectural monuments along the way, posing for photographs, before deciding to stop at an Italian pizza house for pizza. We were initially enticed by the sign pizza – 5 euros, but we soon found out that to sit down, we needed to pay an additional 5 euros surcharge – and we were caught in a dilemma, when Artur mentioned that the Italian manager's attention was diverted, we quickly slipped out of the restaurant to another place. Yes these Italian restaurant owners, can be quite aggressive, as I discovered in Rome. There we had a quick bite and some ice cream, before moving onto Teatro Romano. This was positioned on quite a high spot, so we needed to walk along many steps to the top of a little hill. From here, we could appreciate breathtaking views of Verona. I think that the cutest photograph was the one with Artur holding a red poppy. We then proceeded to a castle and some of its ruins, took some lovely photographs there, and when the guys climbed to a higher level on the bridge, I gallantly prompted them to do a jumping photograph – which they quickly declined (thank goodness). Yes, Verona was quite a beautiful little town, which really captured the essence of the fairytale Romeo and Juliet, and I took a few last minute photographs of signs such as Shakespeare avenue, as we left the little town.


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