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Cruise news: The MSC Sinfonia offers the bulk of the cruises from Cape Town. So if you love the MSC Sinfonia and you're in Cape Town or want to fly there, check out cruises from Cape Town

Last week we brought you an update on prices and cruises still available on the MSC Opera.

List of MSC Sinfonia Cruise Prices

To book, fill in the quotation form at MSC Sinfonia.

The prices below are per person sharing for the cheapest available cabin. Outside cabins and balcony suites are available on some departures.



Price from:

SI01 - Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Lisbon, Funchal, Mindelo, Walvis Bay, Cape Town

11 - 30 Nov 2013


SI02 - Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban

30 Nov - 4 Dec 2013


SI03 - Durban, Portuguese Island, Durban

4 - 7 Dec 2013


SI04 - Durban, Portuguese Island, Anakao, Fort Dauphin, Durban

7 - 14 Dec 2013


SI05 - Durban, Portuguese Island, Anakao, Fort Dauphin, Durban

14 - 21 Dec 2013


SI06 - Durban, Portuguese Island, Anakao, Fort Dauphin, Durban

21 - 28 Dec 2013


SI07 - Durban, Ile St Marie, Reunion, Mauritius, Durban

28 Dec 2013 - 9 Jan 2014


SI08 - Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town

9 - 13 Jan 2014


SI09 - Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Cape Town

13 - 17 Jan 2014


SI10 - Cape Town, Mossel Bay, Cape Town

17 - 21 Jan 2014


SI12 - Cape Town, Nowhere, Cape Town

25 - 27 Jan 2014


SI13 - Cape Town, Durban

27 - 30 Jan 2014


SI15 - Durban, Portuguese Island, Anakoa, Fort Dauphin, Durban

1 - 8 Feb 2014


SI16 - Durban, Anakoa, Ile St Marie, Reunion, Port Louis, Fort Dauphin, Durban

8 - 22 Feb 2014


SI18 - Durban, Portuguese Island, Anakoa, Fort Dauphin, Durban

22 Feb - 1 Mar 2014


SI19 - Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town

1 - 5 Mar 2014


SI20 - Cape Town, Nowhere, Cape Town

5 - 7 Mar 2014


SI21 - Cape Town, Mossel Bay, Cape Town

7 - 10 Mar 2014


SI22 - Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Luderitz, Cape Town

10 - 15 Mar 2014


SI23 - Cape Town, Nowhere, Cape Town

15 - 17 Mar 2014


SI24 - Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Dakar, Las Palmas, Casablanca, Palma de Mallorca, Ajaccio,Civitavecchia, Genoa

17 Mar - 5 Apr 2014


Did you know that you can also book a Mediterranean cruise with MSC?

Anything Extra?

Ask us about putting together a package for you - car hire, tours, land-based accommodation, flights and even paragliding!

The Fine Print

*The prices above are per person sharing, based on 2 adults sharing a cabin and include insurance, port fees, service fees, meals, accommodation and entertainment. Prices only guaranteed once a booking has been made and terms and conditions pertaining to the booking are met.  Prices are subject to availability of cabin category and change. (E&OE.)
# - no insurance is included on SI24. Let us know if we can assist you in obtaining your travel insurance.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your booking, please email us on cruises@southafrica.to.


Are you a Trevor Noah fan. His show "It's my Culture" is on at Montecasino every night from the 30th September to the 20th October 2013. If you want to fly from Cape Town, we had a look at prices on the 11th October - Mango offered the cheapest flights and Shosholoza Meyl was the cheapest overland option.

Fact or Fiction? Johannesburg is the only airport in Africa to which Thai Airways operates flights.

SouthAfrica.TO belives there should be visa free travel throughout the world - if you agree, please leave a comment at the bottom of our visa requirements for South Africans page.

Emirates is launching flights to Boston on the 10th March 2014. This allows for 1-stop flights from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to Boston, via Dubai.

Qantas are adjusting their economy class fares on Monday (some up, some down).

Email us a write-up of your trip & we'll give you a travel voucher (write more & share pictures for bigger vouchers):
Yesterday, we asked if anybody wanted to go to Kabul on a holiday (Emirates is starting flying there). We received the following answer: On my way to Kabul I was dropped off in a small airport, my passport was taken from me & I got to stay at the airport the whole night & there is no restaurant there. Had to sit up during the night, no place to sleep. The next morning I boarded a small plane to Kabul. Once we arrived in Kabul I was in shock. The place was stinking because the toilet just runs in the street of every place. My friend was another person once we were there. I was not allowed to go outside on my own & when I did go outside I had to cover my whole body in a black cloak & was told not to speak or else I would be kidnapped. It was hell. Flies everywhere. Even the restaurants were very dirty. I could not wait to get out of there! I had to pay double airport tax else i would not have been allowed in the so called airport. I dont advise anyone to go there. They only take US Dollars there. Patricia

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