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Mix your airlines for cheaper flights - Kulula, SAA & Mango Airlines

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There's a Mango Airlines Special on the go.

Mango Airlines Special

The flight special is for selected Mango flights up to the 30th November 2013 (ie not all flights on all days!). The Mango sale runs until 21h00 on the 14th August 2013 (or until flights are sold out, whichever occurs first).

Mango Airline plane parked at Cape Town International Airport

Best 1-way Airfares

  • Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth from R829*

  • Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg from R829*

  • Cape Town to PE from R899*

  • PE to Cape Town from R899*

  • Bloemfontein to Cape Town from R799*

  • Cape Town to Bloemfontein from R799*

  • Cape Town to Lanseria from R799*

  • Lanseria to Cape Town from R704*

  • Cape Town to Durban from R849*

  • Durban to Cape Town from R849*

  • OR Tambo to Durban from R565*

  • Durban to OR Tambo from R565*

  • OR Tambo to Cape Town from R819*

  • Cape Town to OR Tambo from R819*

Mango Airlines Flight Special


Amazing mountain climbing video of Paige Claassen conquering Waterval Boven.

Good news for those who want to holiday in the Philippines - their government has increased the period of visa-free travel from 21 to 30 days for most nationalities, including South Africans. This news dovetails nicely with Emirates launching flights to Clark International (80km north of Manila) on the 1st October.

Qantas are increasing the base fare on all tickets issued in South Africa on the 21st August 2013.


Email us a write-up of your trip & we'll give you a travel voucher (write more & share pictures for bigger vouchers):
My last flight was a last minute booking made by my husband, after an acquaintance had let me down for a planned trip with up to Johannesburg from Durban dividing road costs equally. My great Aunt had passed away that Monday and the memorial was due to be held the Thursday. This acquaintance had a competition to attend over the same time, so we planned to leave the Wednesday and return together Saturday. As it turns out she BBMed me the morning of our planned departure with complications that may well lead to me having to find my own way to Gauteng. So leaving very little time to make cost effective and travel friendly arrangements, my husband made a return booking on line with Kulula. Had enough notice been given I would have been able to take a bus up, which although longer and at risk of break down; would have only cost R580 return. Anyways, I'm not 100's sure of the cost that my husband had to pay - but from the costings I had made earlier that week flights were no less that R1700 rounded return. I threw together my last minute packing and raced off to the airport approximately 45km's from our home to make my check in time. My check in was fast and efficient with the help of a ground crew member at the self help touch screen and the fact I only had hand luggage. I flew British Airways on route to Johannesburg, the experience always an hour delight - especially given this flight gave me the window seat and two more vacant seats to stretch out on. The cabin crew served the passengers a cheese or chicken choice sarmie and drink of choice - and by the time we had finished our last bite we were given the seat belt light to prepare for decent. The flight down was a tad nauseating, with having just finished my chicken wholewheat roll and orange juice - we hit some pretty hair raising and prayer stiring turbulance. Touch down given the challenges the pilot had to endure was a bit of a relief! We were ushered out with ease and all the passengers went there own way. My return flight was with Kulula. This time I had been given gifts and so had to check in my luggage, and at the same time requested a window seat - the perks of arriving early for check in! Once aboard I realized someone had taken my seat. At first annoyed, then thinking through the fact that this may just be this passenger's first experience aboard an aeroplane and that I would be happy to sit in her chair once asking her for her ticket so that I wouldn't have to be moved by someone else's seat mistakenly taken. Just before lockdown and take off I managed to find a quick gab to 'squeeze a kidney', thankfully near the loo and not far from my hand luggage were three open seats - so I enjoyed my window view, cabin crew humour - purchased a light snack and coffee and took time to reflect and be grateful. The flight home was pleasant and smooth and landing much the same. It was only the disembarking that was delayed as all the passengers stood eagerly waiting for the stairs to allow us of the aircraft. For an overall rating - I would have to give BA for the 'free' refreshments a 4, obviously the turbulence wasn't their fault and having 3 seats to myself a double bonus. Kulula would be a 3, purely for the space - humour and friendly cabin crew. Samantha Perfect
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Mango have fired 24 cabin crew members for stealing money received in the in-flight sale of food & beverages.