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Cruise news: Get quotations for cruises from Durban, cruises from Cape Town or international cruises. All of our cruises may be discounted with these cruise vouchers.

Here's a chance for those who've cruised before to get cruise vouchers for the 2013/2014 cruise season.

Cruise Vouchers for Cruise Reviews

Simply email us at cheapflights@southafrica.to a writeup of your last cruise by Friday the 9th August 2013, and we'll send you cruise vouchers. Longer writeups will generally earn more vouchers, and those with photos which we publish even more (if you have any).

Let us make your trip all the more pleasurable by offering you cruise vouchers to reduce the cost of your cruise. "And what do I have to do for this?", I hear you ask. It's simple. Send us a review of a cruise that you have already been on, along with photographs or videos and we will send you a voucher to be redeemed when you make another booking with us! If you don't like writing, don't fret - just send the pics or videos.

Quality = Rands!

The better that quality of your write-up, the more that we will pay. We offer up to 50c per word for high-end reviews, along with up to R50 per photograph. Videos are rewarded on a case by case basis, dependant on the length, definition and content. We welcome reviews on any aspect of the cruise. From shore excursions, to the boarding process, the flights to Durban or Cape Town to get to your ship, the meals, to the entertainment, to incidents on the ship, to whatever you fancy writing about, as long as it is cruise-related, obviously! Vouchers are redeemable when you book a cruise with us. Please include a rating of the cruise on a 1 (worst) to 5 (best) scale.

MSC Sinfonia leaving Cape Town Harbour, with Table Mountain in the background

Authorisation is a Given!

By sending us your material, you are giving us permission to publish it and use the material at our discretion. We will own the copyright on it thereafter. Furthermore, we will not give vouchers for material that has been published anywhere else. It needs to be unique.

Redeeming your Vouchers

Vouchers expire on the 30th April 2014 and are valid for new cruise bookings on the MSC SinfoniaMSC Opera or International Cruises. Use any of these links to get your quotes and make your booking. When you are ready to book, send us your voucher details and we will offset the voucher amount against the final total payable, resulting in a cheaper cruise!


Stay in 10 Woodlands Road B&B & Self-Catering from R2688* from the 22nd to the 25th November 2013 (then hop onto the MSC Opera cruise from Durban to Mozambique).

Emirates is adding a 2nd daily flight from Dubai to Amsterdam from the 4th December 2013. This will mean more connections from Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg to Amsterdam (via Dubai).

The BMW International Polo Series takes place on the 25th August. If you're looking at getting from Durban to Johannesburg for the polo on Friday the 23rd, Mango Airlines was cheapest.


Email us a write-up of your trip & we'll give you a travel voucher (write more & share pictures for bigger vouchers):
My husband and I met in 2007, yet then we didn't know we were meant to be. He is from Cape Town and I am all the way from the little town called Potchefstroom. Our friendship started with my twin sister going overseas for work, as an aupair in the Nederlands. It was the first time for us sisters to be such a great distance apart, but thanks to airplanes the distance was only a ticket apart! Hendre was working in London when he met my sister on Myspace, and that's when I met him and became friends, within the two week visit in the Netherlands on my sister's Skype! A year later we made contact again and he asked me if I could be his date to his brother's wedding! Thanks again to a flight special I could afford to go visit him in CT and attend his brother's wedding! Yet it was at this little vacation I was bound to find out that this friendship was turning into something splendid. The night before I had to catch my plane back, he told me these words I'd never forget; I know you are my wife. Tears later, and the rest was history, we left it there and in the Lord's hands and off to the airport the next morning! Very sad I sat in the plane trying to forget that there was going to be more than a 1000km's between us when Mango, once again put a smile on my face. The flight attendant woke me up and asked me to take my hand luggage and handbag to the front… very surprised but curious to find out what he meant I I followed with only my handbag, just incase he was going to ask me to jump - I didn't want to be dropping like a rock (just joking). It turned out as a personal invite as the pilots requested him to go fetch me to join them in the cockpit! WOW that was the most wonderful flight experience ever! They were so nice! We had such an awesome chat while the autopilot had to do the job, so we arrived at OR Tambo 30min before schedule! Back at my home town time passed, things took a TURN between Hendre and I, we dated other people but still kept contact, turned out to be best friends, motivating and inspiring one another. Till the one day both the girl he was dating and the guy I was dating randomly ended the relationships and Hendre decided to come visit me! He officially asked me to be his girl and the FLYING started! In 2 years time I have gained more air miles than you could imagine a student's pocket could afford- BUT it was all thanks to SPECIALS! Time passed and he flew all the way with his last cents and with an engagement ring in his pocket and asked me to get married. Eventually Hendre moved to Potchefstroom as he got job transferred! After many struggles we were planning our wedding! We had to get my entire family to go down to CT, because of a little white beautiful church that stole my heart in Franschhoek! Again with a Mango Special email and a very quick response we managed to book 2 return tickets for my parents that were at the time hospitalized and very ill. We were paying for the entire wedding so after we bought their tickets we hadn't even money to buy peak season tickets for us to get to our own wedding! So the first week of December 2011 we went to Checkers, with a prayer and there it was, a blessing again, we bought 3x R560 tickets at the counter there and then for us and Hendre's brother that was going to marry us! We arrived in CT and started to finalize décor and catering (which we ended up doing ourselves) 2 weeks before the wedding. Wednesday before the wedding me a stressed out bride got the best phone call, it was my mom and dad telling me what a pleasant flight they had, and going on about how much my dad (who hated traveling) enjoyed the flight and how well they helped him assisting with his oxygen machine that he had to fly with. We got married on the 31st December 2011 on New Years Day, with loved ones, family and friends. Everyone could share in our special day, and if it wasn't for SA airlines specially Mango airlines, this story wouldn't have had such a beautiful ending. The most special part that I am still most grateful for is the fact that my father could have been there, for he passed away 40 days after our wedding. So, to conclude my letter I would love to end it with our special rating 10 out of 5! Yolande and Hendre Kruger.
wedding in Franschhoek  

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