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Mix your airlines for cheaper flights - Kulula, SAA & Mango Airlines

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Cruise news: From R23,449 for 2 adults & 2 kids sharing an outside cabin on the Sinfonia Christmas cruise from Durban to Portuguese Island, Anakao & Fort Dauphin.

"One night in Bangkok & the world's your oyster, the bars are temples but the pearls ain't free".

Bangkok Flights from R6823*

Here's the cheapest flights to Bangkok (Thailand) that we could find, for each month over the next year, from Johannesburg and from Cape Town. *Asterisks mean that the price could have changed.


Johannesburg to Bangkok

Cape Town to Bangkok

May 2013

R6823* (20th - 28th May)

R7768* (23 - 31st May)

June 2013

R6832* (3rd - 11th June)

R7768* (1st - 9th June)

July 2013

R7183* (21st - 29th July)

R8196* (16th - 24th July)

August 2013

R7183* (12th - 20th August)

R8018* (20th - 28th August)

September 2013

R7183* (1st - 9th September)

R7768* (2nd - 10th September)

October 2013

R7183* (1st - 9th October)

R7768* (1st - 11th October)

November 2013

R7183* (15th - 23rd November)

R7768* (11th - 21st November)

December 2013

R7183* (1st - 9th December)

R7768* (2nd - 12th December)

January 2014

R7183* (16th - 25th January)

R7490* (19th - 27th January)

February 2014

R7183* (2nd - 9th February)

R7768* (8th - 20th February)

March 2014

R7183* (11th - 19th March)

R7768* (1st - 10th March)

April 2014

R7183* (1st - 9th April)

R7768* (1st - 8th April)

Flight path from Johannesburg, Cape Town to Bangkok

"One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble, Not much between despair and ecstasy. One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble, Can't be too careful with your company, I can feel the devil walking next to me..."


Bringing the curtain down on an epic transatlantic cruise on the MSC Poesia (the ship that was named without consulting with South Africans!).

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The Marriage Meander takes places from the 7th until the 21st June 2013. In a survey of domestic flight prices, Kulula was cheapest to get from Cape Town to Johannesburg (Lanseria) for the Marriage Meander.

What beats a rainbow? A moonbow! Visit Victoria Falls during a full moon.

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Here's a photo of the first Etihad flight landing in Amsterdam on Wednesday. You can now fly 1-stop from Johannesburg to Amsterdam with Etihad.

Etihad lands in Amsterdam for the first time

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"Another iconic development being planned is a Bluff Bridge, connecting the Bluff with the new Point development at Durban’s harbour entrance. This will deliver a clear statement to the world that Durban, at the heart of KwaZulu-Natal, is a progressive city. Its impact is destined to be similar to that of the well-known Sydney Harbour Bridge or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and will become a tourist attraction in its own right". Michael Mabuyakhulu, MEC for Tourism, at the KZN Indaba Breakfast.

There was a strong call for liberalisation of air access in the region. However, this message was received with mixed views with Seychelles welcoming and at the ready to embrace it, while Air Mauritius and Air Austral remained more focused on achieving financial stability and Air Madagascar on getting off the black list." Feedback from a conference to discuss air transport in the Indian Ocean.