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Compliments of SouthAfrica.TO, every balcony cabin booked & paid this week with us will have a frosty bottle of JC Le Roux delivered to their suite, together with chilled canapés.

Cruise news: This special can be combined with other specials we're offering.

Balcony Cabin Cruise Specials

If you are in the market for some luxury, book a balcony suite with us on the MSC Sinfonia or the MSC Opera (similar offer for international cruises) and receive a Bon Voyage Classic package if you book and pay your deposit in the business week ending Friday, the 20th July 2012. toast your weddingJust email cruises@southafrica.to or navigate to one of the above links to fill in the booking form.

Setting the mood

Imagine walking into your tastefully decorated suite, with your own, private balcony overlooking the amazing views of the ocean. Breathe in the fresh air as you sail away, whilst waving to the folks on dry land. After a bit of exploring, return to your suite to pop the cork of your frosty bottle of JC Le Roux Le Domaine. Fill your glasses, step outside and enjoy some delectable, chilled canapés. Your own, exclusive and very private cocktail party.

Titilate your tastebuds and indulge in your wildest fantasies, they are just waiting to be unlocked! Just imagine sitting on your balcony at night, staring at the stars with the cool ocean breeze caressing your skin. Men, take note, this is the perfect setting for some serious romance.

The Price of Perfection

Below you will see some prices for 2 adults, sharing one balcony suite:



Total per suite

OP005: 30 Nov - 3 Dec 2012

Durban, Portuguese Island, Durban


OP010: 17 - 21 Dec 2012

Durban, Maputo, Inhambane, Durban


OP015: 14 - 18 Jan 2013

Durban, Portuguese Island, Barra Lodge, Durban


OP025: 15 - 17 Feb 2013

Durban, Nowhere, Durban


SI002: 28 Nov - 3 Dec 2012

Cape Town, Hermanus, Mossel Bay, Cape Town


SI010: 7 - 11 Jan 2013

Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Cape Town


SI020: 25 Feb - 1 Mar 2013

Durban, Portuguese Island, Barra Lodge, Durban


SI028: 25 Mar -1 Apr 2013

Durban, Anakoa, Maputo, Portuguese Island, Durban


All prices include port charges, service charges and insurance. Any available specials have been included. All prices are subject to change and availability.

The Bon Voyage Classic package consists of: 1 Bottle of J.C.Le Roux Le Domaine + 1 Tray of cold canapés (10 pieces).

MSC Opera cruise ship


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The Purple shall rule! " I’ve just landed in Durban.  My flight from Cape Town was extremely quick, and fairly comfortable (aside from the fact that I was asked to pay R9 for a cup of tea, and not having any cash I had to pay all in coins…). It is warm here, not hot, but comparable to a Seattle summer, which is a nice change from freezing cold and rainy Stellenbosch." Kim Narby

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