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Mango have a sale on the 18th July 2012, starting at 00h01 and ending at 23h59. The very limited number of special fares are only available at flymango or by phoning 086-100-1234 (phone calls are restricted to being from 8am to 7pm).

Cruise news: Review of the MSC Opera by Richard - "clever use of large mirrors" in cabins.

Mango Sale

Restricted availability on selected flights until the end of September 2012. Prices may have changed already ;)

Sale Fares:

  1. 1-way Between Johannesburg and Durban: R 575

  2. 1-way Between Johannesburg and Cape Town: R 745

  3. 1-way Between Cape Town and Durban: R 745

  4. 1-way Between Lanseria and Cape Town: R 699

  5. 1-way Between Bloemfontein and Cape Town: R 745

Mango Plus will also be on sale.

Terms and Conditions

  • Limited seats available on selected flights on a first come, first served basis.

  • No group bookings available on promotional fares.

  • Refunds on promotional fares must be requested in writing to guestcare@flymango.com

  • Subject to Mango’s Terms and Conditions

  • Special events, long weekends (Fridays and return Sunday) and peak flights are excluded. 

boarding a Mango Airlines plane in Cape Town


Gooding's Grove Guest House from R800 for 2 per night - Franschhoek mountains

CPT-Accra  R6910*

CPT-Athens  R5519*

CPT-Cairo  R5581*

CPT-Dubai  R5915*

CPT-Frankfurt  R6589*

CPT-Istanbul  R5090*

CPT-New York  R8020*

CPT-Paris  R5673*

CPT-Rome  R5331*

Video of a 3 month vacation in Europe broken down into 5 minutes.

Did you know that the cabin crews of Swiss International Airlines hand out a million SWISS chocolates a month?

The Purple shall rule! "I was in awe of the magnificent columns and statues (in Rome). This brought to life brutal battles fought centuries ago in the greater Roman Empire as well as in contradistinction Catullus and love poems with mourning by ladies of Italy at the loss of a pet Sparrow ("Mourn O Venus and all her cupids and all ye men of finer feeling – my lady has lost her pet sparrow etc")." Allan
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