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Fly with Kulula Airlines & say goodbye to cabin fever.

Cruise news: With winter approaching in South Africa, why not book a Royal Caribbean cruise and spend summer elsewhere in the world?

Kulula cabin fever sale

This Kulula online sale starts at 6am on the 11th April 2012. Fly on selected flights between these destinations from 11 April until 31 July 2012 one way all inclusive (prices subject to change):

  • Joburg (Lanseria & O.R. Tambo) - Durban from R499 1-way

  • Joburg (Lanseria & O.R. Tambo) - Cape Town from R649 1-way

  • Joburg - George from R649 1-way

  • Joburg - Port Elizabeth from R649 1-way

  • CPT - Port Elizabeth from R649 1-way

  • CPT - Durban from R649 1-way

  • Durban - Port Elizabeth from R649 1-way

Book at Kulula.


  • Sale starts 11 April 2012 at 6am

  • Flight tickets are limited and subject to availability at the time of booking

  • Flight tickets are available for travel one way from 11 April until 31 July 2012 and all taxes are included

  • Offer excludes group bookings, special events, long weekends, school holidays and peak periods

  • This promotion is valid across all vehicle classes and waivers

  • Don't forget about your right to cancel any booking made as a result of receiving this email. You can 
    cancel your purchase in writing within 5 working days of paying for the booking. Once notice to cancel 
    has been received, we will refund you the price of the ticket less any credit card charges

  • Availability on flights: 100 000 seats are available across the advertised domestic routes (Johannesburg, Durban,  Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and George)

Kulula Airlines aircraft painted with humorous slogans on it


50% discount at the Catembe Hotel in Maputo

From 20 April 2012 Korongo flights from Johannesburg to Lubumbashi commence.

From 17 Apr 2012 Eritrean Airlines begins 4 weekly flights from South Africa to Asmara.

SAA Voyager are offering double miles for flights from Johannesburg to Cotonou, for flights from 17 May to 30 July 2012.

The Purple shall rule! As a Kulula fan it pains me to see this feedback on Kulula delayed flights: "Where would you like  me to start....?  This is THE MOST DISGUSTING AIRLINE  I have EVER travelled ... and this includes AFRICA !   If your time is important , then stay AWAY from this airline.  They are always late , never depart on time, up to 3 hours !!! and then they tell JOKES to make it  lighthearted !!    I decided to move to them as Lanseria is a easy location for me to access.    4 flights.... 3 late.... Many missed meetings and many hours at the airport with time to write review like this.... It is now easter weekend, and instead of departing at 15 55,  it  moved to  departure at 16 55 and now has moved to 18 h 30 !!!!!     NEVER USE THIS AIRLINE IF YOUR TIME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU... and when you find out the reason... TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY is the answer !!!!   I mean really......!!!  LAST TIME"

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