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Want to travel by train from Johannesburg to Cape Town in December? The only availability left is with the Premier Class on the 22nd December (R2210 per adult).

Cruise news: Great feedback for Karen, our Cruise Division head: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the trouble & patience that you have shown to us all. You are a STAR. Karen, you understand and go an extra mile with customer service. This is what I call Legendary Service". Do you want to be getting the same kind of feedback which Karen got? Then the first step is to try apply for a cruise ship job.

Best car rental quotes

Here's the best car rental quotes we did this week. Note that prices could well have changed since we did these quotes (so please don't write to us asking why you cant find the same prices).

Johannesburg car rentals

I'm looking to hire a cheap car from the 23rd - 28th October 2011.

Best price is R840 (R 168 per day) for a Chevrolet Spark/similar.  Book at http://goo.gl/zkvm5

Cape Town car rentals

Chevrolet Spark for R 382  (R 191 per day) from 25 to 27 October.  EXCESS: R5,500; 100 Km / day; EXTRA KM: R1.17; Book at http://goo.gl/Yp0hH

I need car hire in Cape Town 29/12/11 to 02/01/11 - something small.

How about a Chev Spark for R 1,040 (R 260 per day).  Book at http://goo.gl/Yp0hH. 

I wish to compare the rental for a SUV 5 seater from 11 Dec 2011 till 23 Dec 2011. Pick up and drop off CTIA.

The best price I could find was R8009 for a Toyota Land Cruiser.  Book at Car Trawler.

I would like to get a quote for car rental from 29 December 2011 to 06 Jan 2011 in Cape Town, small car.

Best price is R 2,080  (R 260 per day)  for a Chev Spark/similar.    Prices can change. See http://goo.gl/9UUho

I would like to get a quote for car rental from 5th November until 8th November in Cape Town. Small car with air con eg Atos.

Best price I could find was R750 (R250/per day) for a Opel Corsa Essentia/similar, which has aircon.  Click here to make a booking. 

We also looking to hire a car 1.4 with aircon from the 14th to the 18th December.

I suggest a Opel Corsa 1.4 with aircon, for R844, click here to see quote.

Durban car rentals

I'm looking for a car hire on  12 Nov 8H00 to 14 Nov 15H00.

Best price is R573 (R191 per day).  See http://goo.gl/9UUho

I am looking for car hire from Durban International from the 22nd  Dec 2011 - 29th Dec 2011 best price.

Best price is R 1,232 (R 176 per day) for a Chevrolet Spark/similar.  Click here to get a quote.


George car rentals

Do any of the car rental firms have small bakkies for hire  e.g. Ford Bantam or similar to be collected at George Airport and dropped off at OR Tambo?

 Yes, this is entirely possible, for example a Nissan one-ton pick-up/similar is available, typical pricing being some R320/day plus an additional R600 one-way surcharge.   Click here to get a quote for your dates when you have them.




Keen on a holiday to Libya now that the colonel is gone? Etihad Airways has said it will begin flights to Tripoli "as soon as the NATO no-fly zone is lifted, the airport is declared safe and all appropriate infrastructure is in place" (the UAE as amongst the first to recognise the new government in Libya).

Cape Town's Royal Cape Yacht Club, Granger Bay Water Club and False Bay Yacht Club were the first marinas to receive Blue Flag pilot status from Patricia de Lille, the Executive Mayor of Cape Town.

Thank goodness we are past the days of SAA requiring bailouts - the new CEO and new Chairlady seem to be doing a fine job. Unfortuanately the same is not true of the Namibian national carrier - Air Namibia has just signed papers to purchase 2 new Airbus 319-100 aircraft, as part of another turnaround plan where the Namibian Treasury is sinking N$1.191billion into the airline.

When running a national carrier becomes a matter of national pride, rather than something which makes financial sense for the country, you see decisions like subsidising the flying class by N$1.191billion rather than spending the money on uplifting the poor.

The Purple shall rule! "The drivers of City to City they must stop giving some people a lift/hike, because  they delay the bus in reaching the station. I hate what happened yesterday - a bus from East london 13:10 to Pretoria making some pocket money and they don't want somebody in the 4 front seats - why? I was curious to view this on the road to JHB." King Pie

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The Bottom Line: Fantastic to see South Africa gain a position to 35th place in this report measuring the ease of doing business. There were 183 countries in the survey - Chad came last, and Singapore came first.

"South Africa made starting a business easier by implementing its new company law, which eliminated the requirement to reserve a company name and simplified the incorporation documents. South Africa made transferring property less costly and more efficient by reducing the transfer duty and introducing electronic filing. South Africa introduced a new reorganization process to facilitate the rehabilitation of financially distressed companies.". Well done to the government - we need more of this! Let's see what steps we need to take to get us to be number 1!

The easier it is to do business, the more businesses are likely to start up which means more jobs for all of us.