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Australia's Transport Workers Union has cancelled its planned strike for today (7 October). However, it's still recommended to contact Qantas to check your flight is on time.

Cruise news: R9000 for 4 adults sharing a cabin on SI041, the 26 March Sinfonia cruise from Durban to CPT

Emirates 3-day Europe special

(this flight special is over - information is retained for information purposes only)

From 11th to 13th October, Emirates is reducing its return fares to select destinations in Europe. For three days only. Valid for travel between 11th October and 10th December 2011. Mark your calendar and visit Emirates on 11th, 12th and 13th October to take advantage of this offer.

Flights to


Cape Town*


London Gatwick

ZAR 5,475

ZAR 5,207

ZAR 6,034


ZAR 5,695

ZAR 6,263

ZAR 6,444


ZAR 4,910

ZAR 5,067

ZAR 6,131


ZAR 6,827

ZAR 6,289

ZAR 7,011


ZAR 5,732

ZAR 5,773

ZAR 7,198


ZAR 6,631

ZAR 6,626

ZAR 6,807


ZAR 6,463

ZAR 5,894

ZAR 6,635

*Return fares quoted above include applicable discounts. 5% discount also applicable on First Class and Business Class fares. Terms and conditions apply. Prices subject to change without notice.

Terms and conditions

The advertised taxes and levies are quoted as correct at the time of setting up and may change depending on your destination or flown route or exchange rates.

For return Economy Class travel departing from Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town to London, Larnaca, Zurich, Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna at the advertised destinations at the advertised price.

Internet only airfares for other departure dates are available through an online quote but may be higher or lower than the advertised airfare.

Additional fares in Economy Class, Business Class and First Class at a 5% discount are also available on the above mentioned routes departing Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

For travel departing from Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town between 13th October and 8 December 2011 for the advertised destinations only at the advertised fares. Ticketing to be completed at the time of reservation or 72 hours after the reservation is made if collecting from the Town Office.

Date changes: not permitted. 

Cancellations: ticket is non-refundable unless otherwise specified. Waived for death of passenger or family member.

Children aged 2 to 11 years inclusive are charged 75% of the adult airfare and must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or above in the same class of travel.

Infants must be under the age of 2 years for the entire journey (not occupying a seat) and pay 10% of the applicable adult fare for the journey travelled. If an infant turns 2 years of age prior to return travel commencing, then a child fare must be purchased for the entire journey, which will provide a seat for the infant. Infants under 2 years of age at the time of departure and who occupy a seat will pay the applicable child fare for the journey travelled.

A maximum of two stopovers permitted en route,  one in Dubai at a charge of ZAR 1,500 on the forward journey and one free in Dubai on the return journey. Additional stopovers may be requested at additional charge.

Must be made immediately at the time of reservation or within 72 hours of the time of booking if collecting at Town Office.

Payment can be made by credit card whereby the cardholder must be one of the travelling parties. 

Minimum stay: three days after the date of departure. 
Maximum stay: two months from date of departure.

  • Internet only airfare at Emirates

  • Find out about complimentary membership at skywards.com. 

  • Check 'Fare Conditions' from an online quote to view these and other applicable fare conditions. 

  • Conditions of carriage apply. 

  • Subject to availability of the required subclass at the time of booking and airfare may change or be withdrawn without notice.

  • Please ensure that you have a valid visa if applicable for your passport type.

  • The name of the booking must match the name in the passport – if incorrect, changes will be charged plus any additional cost to upgrade the ticket to the next available fare.

Airfares, taxes, levies and penalties associated with this promotion are quoted in South African Rand unless otherwise specified.

Errors and omissions excluded.



I phoned SAA to find out for a client what the maximum dimensions are for a piece of hand luggage. Got told to call SAA bagage services at 011-9783733, after phoning them got put through to reservations, where they told me (again) that it's 8kg. After repeatedly explaining that I was looking for the measurements and not the weight, the SAA employee put the phone down on me!

Want free pizza? Go beg for it at Random Acts of Pizza (or go donate pizza).

"Laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices have become essential travel accessories. They hold a vast amount of information in a relatively small space and offer easy access to communications. For this same reason, these devices and the information they contain are very valuable for anyone with hostile intentions. Travelers who safeguard the information on these devices and take precautions to mitigate the effects of a compromise could be sparing their companies serious harm. If possible, travelers should go without their usual electronic devices. A company can designate certain laptops for foreign travel, to be sanitized by an IT department or contractor on return. Any mobile storage devices, which can easily carry malware, should also go through such a sanitation process, and disposable phones can be purchased overseas." Stratfor

The Purple shall rule! "Santaco airlines is the way to go. Crush all oppositions and negativity. Santaco is here to stay and shine. We are proud to be associated with Santaco. Go Santaco Go" Phil

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The Bottom Line: If you struggle with compulsive spending it's probably best to get rid of your credit cards. Only cut up the cards once you are certain the accounts are closed.