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If you visit Toronto (Canada), be sure to try out the "Edgewalk" on the CN Tower, where participants are strapped onto a harness attached to the building, and walk around a catwalk 356m above the ground. If you cant wait to get there, here's our flights from Johannesburg to Toronto (most interesting way to get there, is via Hong Kong).

Cruise news: Just over 6 months until MSC Melody cruise cruise MY016, from Durban to Cape Town.

Win a 2 day Europcar rental


In an effort to reduce stress and bad tempers on the roads of South Africa, Europcar has launched "Charm School for Drivers" - a fun but firm course in good manners and charming etiquette behind the wheel.

Nominate a friend or family member to take one of five places at Europcar's first event on the morning of 13 August 2011, and you could win a weekend car rental, and they could win a free luxury chauffeur for a day. 

Europcar official supplier to Gautrain

Europcar SA is the official car supplier to the Johannesburg-Tshwane/Pretoria leg of the Gautrain grid, which opens on 2 August.

Europcar South Africa's Operations Director, George Corbett, says that “By being present in the stations on the Tshwane-Johannesburg route, Europcar will deliver car-rental opportunities for commuters who require flexibility once they have reached their destination station."

Where Europcar doesn't have nearby car-hire kiosks (Marlboro or Rhodesfield stations), cars are delivered to the stations, for a nominal fee.


Europcar Voyager customers stand a chance to win a Hyundai i10 1.1 manual if they book online between 1 July and 31 August 2011

In order to stand a chance of winning this vehicle, simply make a reservation, in put your valid Voyager number into the reservation and rent the vehicle (between 31 July 2011 and 31 August 2011). Not only will you get an entry into the draw to win-a-car. You will also earn 500 Voyager miles per rental with favourable car rental rates, making this promotion a win-win whichever way you look at it.

Book at Europcar.

- Qualifying rentals must be collected and returned within the 31 July 2011 and 31 August 2011 competition window
- 100 qualifying rental agreement numbers will be randomly selected to enter a final draw which will take place on Monday 5 September 2011 at 12h00 (midday)
- Employees of Europcar Southern Africa, their immediate family, Directors of Imperial Holdings, employees of the advertising agency and their immediate family are excluded from winning the prize
- The competition closes at midnight 00h00 on 31 August 2011
- The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
- Prize winner must be prepared to be photographed with allowance for accompanying public relations and press releases containing their name and residing region
- The prize cannot be exchanged for cash. A vehicle will be made available at the closest Hyundai dealership in their area of residence
- Peripheral costs such as licencing of the vehicle, insurance of the vehicle, fuel usage and other legislative or non-legislative costs associated to legally registering or making use of the vehicle will be for the winners account
- Only rentals with a valid Voyager number present will qualify to win the vehicle





I find it exciting to see lions at night. Click through the link to see video material of a close encounter with a lion near Simbavati River Lodge.

Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim friends around the globe.

"Commercially available encryption programs can help protect sensitive information on computers when traveling. But the program’s password should never be saved on the computer; in fact, it is best to avoid saving any passwords, or at least to use different and more secure passwords for important accounts. In addition, icons for the encryption program should not be displayed on the desktop or task bar. Airport security personnel in some countries have been known to start up a visiting executive’s laptop and, upon finding a software encryption program icon, have attempted to retrieve the computer’s data and have even damaged the computers when they could not gain access. For another layer of assurance, entire or partial disk encryption minimizes the exposure of data and takes the burden off the user to manually encrypt and decrypt files and folders." Stratfor

The Purple shall rule! We love it when readers share their views which are different to ours. Dean wrote to say: "I notice your comment 'meanwhile in South Africa... ACSA charges are increasing & government discourages competition by spurning the sale of the old Durban Airport to Comair'. People do not know the full picture when they make such a comment. ACSA was not really interested in moving to the new airport but was eventually forced to do so by Government policy and to accommodate the World cup requirements. They therefore have to now recover costs of the new airport in an environment that could take years of loss before they start to make a profit. The current global economic crisis has also put them at a disadvantage. To allow a competitor to come in and compete at far lower costs would certainly not be fair under the circumstances. I wonder if Comair would be interested in taking over the new airport with the costs involved and try and compete with ACSA going back to the old airport under the same circumstances. It is unlikely that Comair would have been able to pay the price that others are offering anyway as the old airport is sought after for a number of far more profitable initiatives. Additionally if you read the environmental Impact assessment (EIA) for the relocation of the airport you will see that several alternatives were considered of which the worst case scenario was the do nothing scenario at the old airport which is what Comair would continue to do. This would probably suit the lower income average which is centred around the old airport but is not pertinent to average flyer who would be centred towards the new airport especially with the expansion of Durban to the North Coast between Stanger and the Gate way complex which is what the future scenario caters for. Airports are not usually profitable around the world and when a second airport is introduced this makes it less economically viable so governments usually have to subsidise them. The ideal airport location for Comair would be the Cato Ridge alternative which would be more suitable for the Pietermaritzburg flyers but would also serve Durban’s local flight requirements. This was not suitable for the future international requirements though, hence the choice of the new location. If Comair really thought they could make a difference, they should pursue this option but in the short term it would make the airport at La Mercy less viable so they would again definitely find opposition from Government because, although it would increase competition, it would result in Government having to subsidise even more at the tax payers’ expense."

Our reply: "As you mention, it would 'probably suit the lower income average which is centred around the old Airport', and they are the constituency we represent. Government & ACSA are pretty much the same thing, as Government is the controlling shareholder of ACSA. I agree that it would have been hard for ACSA/Government to compete against Comair at Durban Airport, but that would have driven prices down, which is good for South Africans, and is what competition is all about. Those of us who struggle to make ends meet would like our Government to encourage competition and lower prices, not stand in its way."

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The Bottom Line: Dave wrote to tell us about his narrow escape from dodgy financial planners: "Darned good idea you have going there. About time as well. I have had two narrow squeaks with "financial planners' who were planning THEIR finances instead of MINE!
Go for it pal!"