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Wow, another special, this time from Kulula. But Velvet Sky is still cheapest in the 2nd half of August with some JNB-DUR flights from R200 & JNB-CPT from R383.

Cruise news: It is just over 6 months before Sinfonia cruise SI020, the Sinfonia cruise from Durban to Portuguese Island, leaves on on 13 Jan 2012 (we tell you this as specials may run out fast from this point).

Kulula JNB-DUR special

(This page is retained for historical reference purposes only, the prices are dated)

Details are a bit vague, but Kulula is running a one-way JNB-DUR flight special (ONLY), and only on selected flights in July & August. The price is the same as Mango's flights on sale - R249 for one-way flights. Kulula's sale is from from 8am on the 5th July, limited seats, prices subject to change, Kulula's terms & conditions, etc etc.

[Kulula later announced that there are 30, 000 1-way specials available and added R489 (Jo'burg, & Durbs to Cape Town). Travel between 5 July and 31 August.]

With all the flight specials, tomorrow is an outstanding day to book your July & August flight. Compare prices at least at Velvet Sky airline, Kulula & Mango.

Kulula at Lanseria Airport






The Purple shall rule! The newsletter on Santaco Airline sparked off this delightful tale, which Hazel was kind enough to share with us: "In reply to 'Jokers having a field day' - my daughter (then 9 years old) and I flew Ethiopa Airlines from Addis Ababa to Khartoum. It was the most interesting flight I have ever taken and my daughter still talks about it. For a start, Ethiopan Airlines had cancelled a few flights to Khartoum so they had to cram all the passengers on to one plane. People were standing in the isles; carried all kinds of merchandise - even saw some live chickens in a sack. One poor old dear had a cloth full of flat loaves of bread on her head which she suddenly dropped all over the passengers and there we were scabbling on the floor, under the seats helping her to pick them up. The cherry on the top was when a long robed gentleman sqatted on the floor of the isle and did his business...... Were we glad to get off at Khartoum...."

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